Monday Q&A #7

Do you have a favorite liner for your waterline? If so what is it?

My answer: No I don’t. I am currently trying to find a liner that will actually stay on my waterline. d= I’m hoping you lovely people have some favorites. :d
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  • I rarely line my waterline because it tends to make my eyes watery. When I do, it’s usually NYX jumbo pencil in milk, or if I’m doing a more neutral/shimmery look, I have MUFE aqua eyes pencil 23L Champagne. Whenever I do a dark colour it never looks right and somehow messes with my vision.

  • Patrice

    My long-time go-to liner is Wet -n- Wild’s Kohl Kajal eyeliner #657, which is a navy blue. It’s inexpensive and lasts forever. I find the texture perfect for a waterline – it goes on easily and won’t just slide around uselessly like a lot of eyeliner pencils will in that area. For me it will last all day if I don’t touch my eyes too much.

  • Sharron

    If I have enough time in the morning, I use an Inglot gel liner on my waterline. It may take a few minutes to apply, but once it dries, it’s not going anywhere.

    If I’m in a hurry, then I use pencil and count on having to do a quick touch-up or two throughout the day. My go to pencil liners are by Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay, but I’d love to find something less expensive. :)

  • Vanessa

    I take a regular black liner, and then dip it into Inglots  black gel liner.  Its the best I’ve found so far.  UD and MAC didn’t do as well.

  • My all time favorite is MAC Blacktrack fluid line, but i am too lazy to use it and go for ease of application and use the 24/7 liner in Perversion.

    • Gah  I want perversion so bad but can’t justify the money right now.