SOTD – Veritas

Veritas by One Hand Washes The Other

A fragrance inspired by The Boondock Saints. At last.
Veritas, the left hand to Aequitas'(from Darling Clandestine) right, is a green chypre scent, though the perfume itself is a cloudy whiskey gold. This perfume was meant to evoke the imagery from the Boondock Saints, and with that in mind I set out to gather components that would do just that. The notes used are almost too many to list, but include a quartet of sensual musks, church incense, white funerary freesia and lilies, shamrock clover, men’s aftershave, bourbon vanilla, gun oil, Irish whiskey, smoke, worn leather, and tobacco absolute. So as not to leave anyone out, this scent is perfectly unisex, though as with any perfume oil, your skin may “amp” up certain notes more than others, so your mileage may vary.

I realize the notes up there is like a paragraph long but omg this smell is amazing. It’s musky, smokey and dirty and it smells like an old saloon with perfumes and cologne and smoke and alcohol and everything. It’s amazing. It makes me see an old saloon. Ugh, it’s awesome. Gosh I never liked perfumes much until I found indie. <3 You can find Veritas as a perfume oil for $12 at the OHWTO etsy shop.

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