Ella’s Lead is AWESOME SAUCE

So Ella’s Lead is an awesome little shop online that makes leather/vegan collars and leads! Rebecca offered to make one of my cats a collar and I chose Mochi. I was blown away when I received Mochi’s collar. It’s so pretty. She did rainbow rhinestones for me on a black leather collar. As soon as I opened the package I promptly put on Mochi’s fish bell and strapped it on her. I was afraid it might be too big/heavy for her since she’s a tiny little kitty, but it’s great and she hasn’t had any problems with it. The collar also has a breakaway area so if she gets it caught on something it’ll stretch and she can get out of it. But anyways. I love Mochi’s collar and I plan on getting Sushi and Willow collars from Ella’s Lead too.

Teal Deer: Mochi’s collar is bad ass and you need to get your dogs and/or cats collars from Ella’s Lead because they rock and she rocks. So yeah.

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