Swatches: Black Rose Minerals The Righteous Collection

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Dun, dun, dunnnnn! Introducing The Righteous Collection from black Rose Minerals! Inspired by Adventure Time! So I have Mathematical, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum(crap I think I labeled stuff as Bubblegum Princess, derp, if not, ignore this. >.> ), Finn, Jake, Adventure Time and Radical. Radical is a gorgeous peachy coral blueh. Adventure Time is multicolored glitter with lots of red glitter. Mathematical is an almost sheer matte white with lots of rainbow sparks. Marceline is a lovely dusty gray that leans a bit on the blue side. Finn is a pastel yellow with gold sparks. Jake is a satiny pale orange.

Adventure Time is a shmowzow mix of red, silver holo, orange and golden glitters.
Radical is a sweet coral pink. It shines with a real algebraic touch of golden shine.
Mathematical is a matte white base loaded with multi-shimmer sparkles.
Marceline is a light matte grey.
Princess Bubblegum is a sparkling rosy pink and lavender highlights in a bubbling pink base.
Finn is a light lemony yellow that sparkles with gold highlights.
Jake is a light shimmering goldenrod.



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  • Princess Bubblegum is gorgeous.   :LOVE:

    • I wish I could have captured the sparks better in Princess Bubblegum and Mathematical. d= They’re really pretty.