30 Day Fashion/Beauty Challenge Day 04

Today is Your Favorite Color of Eyeshadow. So um. My favorite is kind of tied between pink and purple.

The Rules!
– If you participate or promote via Twitter, feel free to use #30daysofphotos as a tag.
– You can make it a photo-only challenge without any accompanying explanation, or you can explain as much as you want.
– Each day is completely open to interpretation. If it just says, “Pink!” — it can be pink eyeshadow, pink clothing, pink nails, pink anything. The point is just to have fun and get to know people through photos.
– If you want to participate you can request to join Meep Moo: Makeup Monstrosity!

  1. My Pretty Zombie mNg no 1
  2. My Pretty Zombie PZCDIOT
  3. My Pretty Zombie My Pretty Zombie
  4. My Pretty Zombie THC
  5. Black Rose Minerals Unicorn
  6. Madd Style Cosmetix Kitty Wumpous
  7. Black Rose Minerals Starsign
  8. Black Rose Minerals Dark Wing
  9. Black Rose Minerals Thirteen
  10. Black Rose Minerals Killer Queen
  11. Madd Style Cosmetix Curiouser & Curiouser
  12. innocent+twisted alchemy Fragile Dream
  13. innocent+twisted alchemy Pink Liquor
  14. Detrivore Cosmetics Prediction
  15. Detrivore Cosmetics Harpy
  16. Darling Girl Cosmetics Sushi Flower
  17. Shiro Cosmetics Shinigami
  18. Shiro Cosmetics Reverse Psychology
  19. Shiro Cosmetics Ever In Your Favor
  20. Detrivore Cosmetics Oracle
  21. Madd Style Cosmetix Pixie
  22. Madd Style Cosmetix Ohm
  23. Madd Style Cosmetix Seedless
  24. Fyrinnae Wake Not The Dead
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  • Jen

    Oh, since you featured a bunch, now I can justify doing the same. :) My colors would be purple and brown, though sometimes a pop of fuchsia pink is a nice change.

  • And here I was feeling bad that I couldn’t limit myself to just one.  You did even worse! xd


    • >.> I even left some off. xd