Swatches: Shiro Cosmetics Reverse Psychology, Elite Four, Shinigami & Cakeday

I have some pretty purples and a lovely gold from Shiro Cosmetics. ^.^ I have Reverse Psychology, Elite Four, Shinigami and Cakeday. Reverse Psychology is gorgeous it’s a slightly muted purple with this green/aqua sheen and green glitter. Elite Four is this deep smoky blurple shade with gold sparks. Shinigami is a dark purple, it almost leans towards navy and has lots of silver sparks. And last but not least, Cakeday! Cakeday is Shiro’s special birthday color and was only available until May 7th. Cakeday is a lovely gold with green sparks. I like purple. I bet you can’t tell. I need more pinks. xd

Reverse Psychology is a medium purple with bold green shimmer and lime glitter.
Elite Four is a deep, rich, shimmering indigo with golden sparks glitter.
Shinigami is a dark royal purple with silver sparks.

All shades were taking indoors under a daylight bulb and were swatched over essence You Rock! Eyeshadow Base and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.

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  • These are gorgeous. I’m surprised that two companies have used Shinigami as the name of an eyeshadow (the other one being Fyrinnae). Not a typical name.

  • These are all so pretty!

  • So much pretty. I love the Elite Four shade


  • Jan

    I have Shinigami and Reverse Psychology, and love them both! Wish I would have picked up Cakeday when it was available. :\