SOTD: Scent Of The Day – Ripper

Ripper by Mannaia Fragrances

Our tribute to Jack the Ripper smells like a smoky, rainy night in London, with additional notes of rose, tuberose, orchid, peppercorn, leather (like a certain apron), amber, musk, and a hint of grape. It’s fairly unisex, as the florals are not overwhelming.

Ripper is a lovely floral scent. When I first put it on I smell orchid, amber and musk. Once it settles the rose and amber are heavy. It’s a beautiful fragrance. If you like rose you’ll definitely want this perfume.

You can find Ripper on the Mannaia Fragrances site as perfume oil in a sample vial for $2.50 and a full size perfume oil in a roller ball bottle for $8.

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  • Marcey

    This is one of my favorites from Mannaia! Have you tried Hellmouth and London After Midnight?

  • i… i have an inappropriate boner… i need this.  O.O

    (i love jack…)