30 Day Fashion/Makeup Challenge Day 12

Today is What’s in your bag. So we have purse with birds on power lines, a cute change purse that Jenna sent me, a cute little note book, hand sanitizer, my wallet with the release the kraken sticker that Mandy sent me, a Madd Style Cosmetix lip balm, matches(I have no idea why these are still in my purse). a pink sharpie, a blue pen and a pink drawstring bag with quartz and amethyst in it.

The Rules!
– If you participate or promote via Twitter, feel free to use #30daysofphotos as a tag.
– You can make it a photo-only challenge without any accompanying explanation, or you can explain as much as you want.
– Each day is completely open to interpretation. If it just says, “Pink!” — it can be pink eyeshadow, pink clothing, pink nails, pink anything. The point is just to have fun and get to know people through photos.
– If you want to participate you can request to join Meep Moo: Makeup Monstrosity!

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