Bi-Weekly Makeup Challenge #2

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This challenge ends on June 17th, so please have your looks uploaded by then. Please upload your looks in the comments on this post. If you posted your look on your blog please leave a link to your blog entry as well. You can upload up to 3 images. You may do either mani’s or face/eye looks or both. :) Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. <3

If you have any friends that might be interested, by all means please share with them! ^.~

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5 thoughts on “Bi-Weekly Makeup Challenge #2”

  1. Hello gorgeous dolls! I thought I’d give this week’s challenge a try after lurking the last few :3 . I’ll be putting a blog post up with a few more pictures, but here is my entry :D
    One picture has a white mask-like base, while one just has the eye makeup ^.^ .

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