SOTD: Scent Of The Day – Mad As Birds & Cloudswing

Mad As Birds by Darling Clandestine
Cloudswing by Darling Clandestine

Mad As Birds
Mad as Birds is a sweet, cool, garden-dew fragrance with notes of pear and mint and smoky amber and marigolds. A multitude of different scent elements and weeks (months!) of methodical alchemy make Mad as Birds no ordinary scented oil mix—it’s a truly inimitable fragrance.

The newly reformulated Cloudswing is a bright, crisp, golden-green scent with notes of warm hay and vanilla and mowed clover and marigolds and intense lemongrass. A bit of warning: this new batch is VERY heavy on the essentials, including cypress and lemongrass, so if you’re sensitive, pregnant or nursing, please steer clear of this lovely.

Mad As Birds has to be one of my favorite perfumes ever from Darling Clandestine, with that being said i don’t think Cloudswing is too far behind. I guess I really like my marigold scents. xd This combination is so lovely. This combination smells of minty, lemongrassy pears and marigolds wrapped in vanilla and amber blankets. Sometimes I get a waft of lemongrass, and other times it’s most certainly pear and marigold.

You can find Mad As Birds and Cloudswing from the Darling Clandestine Etsy shop. You’ll find Mad as Birds as a perfume oil for $17 and as a solid perfume for $10. You’ll find Cloudswing as a perfume oil for $17 and as a solid perfume for $9.

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  • If there were ever shower gels in these fragrances, I swear I’d make excuses to have 3 showers a day ;) Mad As Birds would be the PERFECT perfume to give to teenage girls, in trying to phase them out of all the ‘teen’ fragrances and into more sophisticated blends. If only my sisters loved perfume as much as I do :(

    Bonus – Cloudswing has the prettiest label  ^.~

  • Lemongrass, pear, vanilla … this combo sounds AMAZING. If only I could take out the mint  ^.~