Swatches: Black Rose Minerals Play Hard Look Fabulous Collection

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I meant to get these swatched a few days ago but my body is being more complicated than usual! But they’re swatched now, so woot! I have the Play Hard Look Fabulous collection from Black Rose Minerals! I have Hazel Eyes, Chrissyroze, Tomboy and Jersey Girl. Hazel eyes is a smokey forest green with gold and green sparks. Chrissyroze is a pale bubblegum pink with a slight purple shift. Tomboy is a dirty purple with aqua/blue sparks/sheen. Jersey girl is a matte bear brown. Tomboy is my absolute favorite from this collection, followed by Chrissyroze. Who’d have thunk it.

Hazel Eyes is a deep forest green is accented by lighter green hues and shimmering golden sparkles.
Chrissyroze is a delicate sheer shimmery bubblegum pink with a slight lavender sheen.
Tomboy is a sugary purple with a blue sheen.
Jersey Girl is a medium matte brown.

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  • Shannon

    Hi! I love the colour of that matte brown, but I was wondering how it fares pigment-wise to most other mattes? Did it swatch easily over primer?
    It looks like a dupe for a MAC eyeshadow I love but refuse to buy due to their lack of a cruelty free policy :(
    Thanks for your help!