Swatches: Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes Insanity Wolf, Why Not Zoidberg?, Trololo, Smashing, Magnets, Battletoads, Ridiculously Photogenic & Me Gusta

Ahmygahd. I have sample of Shiro Cosmetics new Intertubes! They are so pretty. Oh my. Smashing and Why Not Zoidberg are my favorites. ^.~ I have for you Insanity Wolf, Why Not Zoidberg?, Trololo, Smashing, Magnets, Battletoads, Ridiculously Photogenic and Me Gusta.

Insanity Wolf is this lovely light grey with a tad bit of purple to it. Why Not Zoidberg? is quite possibly the best coral ever. EVER. Trololo is a red orange kind of pretty thing. Smashing is a gorgeous pinky purple. Magnets is a pretty plum shade. Battletoads is a pretty green with some copper sheen. Ridiculously Phototenic is a dark fuchsia. And Me Gusta is black. Blaaack.

These were swatched on mah bare, naked lips! *smoochy smoochy*

Insanity Wolf is a pale cool grey with the faintest hint of purple.
Why Not Zoidberg? is a bright coral.
Trololo is a vivid, slightly reddened tangerine.
Smashing is a pinky-purpley-smashingness, fit for mermaids and dugongs.
Magnets is a plum with strong silver sheen.
Battletoads is a marshy green-brown with copper and green shimmer.
Ridiculously Photogenic is a deepened fuschia.
Me Gusta is a pure, solid black. Like Matt’s soul.

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  • What gorgeous colours! They’re all so lovely.

  • These are all so pretty, and again great swatches! Battletoads loads surprisingly awesome, because it seemed horrible in the tube :p

    Are they easy to get an even opaque application or does it take some effort? I’m really itching to order some, but I like my lippies bright.

  • why Not Zoidberg? is the MOST PERFECT COLOUR EVER.  I have decided this.