Indie Interview: Darling Clandestine

Evonne from Darling Clandestine answered some questions for me! I’m going to start interviewing indie owners who want to participate with just a few simple questions in hopes people can get to know them a little bit and can see why they started up. :d

Luna: How long have you been making perfume, and why did you start?
Evonne: I’ve been making perfume for about two years now. Insanely sensitive noses run in my family; it’s a little unnerving to “outsiders.” :) Back in the ’80s there was a National Geographic article that fascinated me; it detailed the history of creating perfumes back to ancient times, and it was printed with “scratch and sniff” pages. As a teenager, I was always drawn to the little “hippie” shops where they sold sandalwood and patchouli and all the usual fare, but it was always sort of the same old scents and the same old hippies.

When I discovered Etsy and began buying handmade in just about everything I could, I realized that perfuming seemed absolutely doable. The ingredients I needed were on the internet! Isn’t the internet wonderful? And once I started toying with creating blends, turns out my brother Aaron was just as fascinated (he collaborated with me on Step Right Up, and he’s a trusted consult for a lot of my blends). I also had IMMENSE support from the rest of the indie beauty community, which encouraged me to keep creating and keep outdoing myself. ;)

Luna: What is your favorite scent that you make?
Evonne: There are so many that I’m proud of and in love with, but I think right now I have to say Inked. It always jumps to mind first when I consider “favorites,” and when I talk about it I almost feel like I’m talking about a secret crush or an old flame I can’t get over. It’s a sexy, sexy scent, and I achieved exactly what I wanted with it. Inked is not for everyone, ’cause it’s definitely unusual and complex (of course, anyone who comes to my shop should be prepared for unusual and complex!), but the folks who fall in love with Inked fall in L-O-O-O-O-V-V-V-E with Inked.

Luna: What is your favorite scent from another indie company?
Evonne: The Morbid the Merrier’s Athelia and the Lust trio from TMTM are my faves. Also pretty fond of One Hand Washes the Other‘s Desolation Angel.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Evonne: I think I’d rather be a crow! Less chance of getting swiped at by silly terrified people, free range to roam, best pickings for food. ;)

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Evonne: Sure! First, I want folks to know that each of my fragrances has a “story”. The labels, the representative images, the stories in the descriptions . . . each one reflects a whole lot of time and effort and care. On my solid perfume and Bitsy labels, you’ll find only the representative images of each scent. On the full-sized oils, you’ll find a unique little message in the ingredients. It’s all part of the story. I want my customers to fall in love with a scent, find one that speaks to them and works with their chemistry *and* their personalities and their own little microcosms of memory. The descriptions may be a bit “tl;dr” for some folks who aren’t looking for something truly original. Some folks would rather just, I dunno, buy a product that says something like “warm vanilla sugar” on the label. I’m looking to create something a little more personal.

Second, I’d love to add that I am BLOWN AWAY by all the love and support I’ve gotten from the indie community. From both my amazing customers and by fellow sellers. And from you, Luna—thank you so much for welcoming me into your community and for giving me a place to be seen and heard. <3

D’awww I feel all warm and fuzzy! I love your scents. I haven’t received a single one that I haven’t liked, but my favorite so far is Mad As Birds. It’s just amazing. Thank you for creating crazy beautiful scents. ^.~

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  • Just found this quite by accident… ;) I LOVE Darling Clandestine, all the scents are so unique and Evonne is so wonderfully generous! So it was very fun to read this interview! Odd side note: I remember that National Geographic article about perfumes very well! I was a small child when I got my hands on it and those scratch and sniff pages where endlessly fascinating to me. I cut them out and still have them somewhere, though I doubt that there is any scent left in them anymore… ;)

  • Definitely on my to try list. :)   I love the stories and images on each perfume’s description.

    The crow or bat question is cute. :)

  • I love Darling Clandestine and I love Evonne. There’s something magical about her scents. I love reading their little stories while I sniff them, and sometimes just randomly sit down and close my eyes and smell one, apply it to my wrists, one after the other, thinking about their stories and seeing which new ones, mixed with my memories and pieces I’d love to live that they bring to my mind.


  • I have yet to try her scents but once I get some $ I will!!! <3

  • YAY! I love Darling Clandestine‘s perfumes. Actually, I love Evonne’s nose, because I have yet to try a scent that I didn’t like and didn’t work with my personal chemistry…which is beyond weird, because “normal” perfumes usually go icky on me.

    • I was never able to wear regular perfumes. They always gave me awful headaches. I don’t have all of Evonne’s perfumes but I’m slowly working at getting them all. So far I have liked every scent. Mad as Birds is my favorite followed by Serpentina and Cloudswing.