Swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Sunfire, Exorcism, Incantation & Desecration Eye Shadows

My poor blog has been neglected lately. I’m not recovering from the heart attack very well. Posts will most likely be slow for awhile. Also I apologize in advance some photos are blurry. >.> My hands are shaking bad today. Anyways I have some pretty shadows from Sophie at Femme Fatale Cosmetics. If you haven’t tried FFC yet you really need to put them on your list. She has some amazing duochromes and complex shades. She’s also introduced mini sizes to her shop so there are more options now. :) I have Sunfire, Exorcism, Incantation and Desecration for you today. Sunfire is like WOW. It’s amazing. It’s like fire. Peachy-orange and golden fire. Gorgeous. Exorcism is a lovely purple with a green sheen. I wasn’t able to get the green sheen on camera. d= But I swear it’s there. Incantation is a burgundy/wine color with pink sparks. It makes me wanna go get some wine or framboise. >.> Nom nom. And last but not least Desecration. Oh man. It’s amazing. It’s like this purpley-brown shadow with amazing green shift/shimmer. It’s really pretty. Also no photos were edited except for resizing, watermarks, name. Glitter Glue makes these crazy bright and bold.

Sunfire is a sweet peachy pink with coral tones and a striking copper gold shine.
Exorcism is a medium toned purple with a stunning colour shifting shimmer which alternates between a complimentary purple and a sea green depending on the angle of the light.
Incantation is a burgundy based eye shadow with a scattering of pink sparkles.
Desecration is a striking bright green shimmer over a base mixed of cool grey, subtle brown and pearly purple tones.

These were swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb.

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  • Your Femme Fatale swatches are going to put my Femme Fatale swatches to shame!

  • I love FFC! These swatches are incredible.

  • Love the swatches and a massive big hug from me! Take care, love <3