Indie Interview: Shiro Cosmetics

Say HAI to Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics. She’s a local hero!

Caitlin of Shiro CosmeticsLuna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Caitlin: I’ve been making cosmetics for a little over two years now! I needed a job I could do from home that would allow me a lot of flexibility with hours. While I was thinking about a viable source of income, I stumbled across the Indie makeup community and was all, “Hey, I could do that!” I’ve been very interested in the beauty industry since I was 12 or so, and had at one time considered makeup artistry as a career, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

DSC_1127With regards to new shades and products – SO MANY IDEAS. “Geekery” is such a wide umbrella to work with for themes! The next eye shadow collection I’m going to do will (probably) be a 10-color Fullmetal Alchemist-inspired set. After that I’d like to make some new, more unique blushes, possibly some with duochromes.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush / lippie that you make?
Caitlin: Favorite eyeshadow that I make: Victory Road (this answer changes practically daily)
Blush: 1-Up
Lippie: Why Not Zoidberg?

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow / blush / lippie from another indie company?
Caitlin: Favorite eyeshadow from another indie company: Book of the Dead (Fyrinnae)
Blush: I’ve never bought an indie blush actually!
Lippie: Zombie Holo-Gloss (Darling Girl)

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Caitlin: I’d definitely rather be a crow. They aren’t as feared by the general populace, they’re highly intelligent, and they’re really beautiful. I love birds. <3

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
SnakeCaitlin: Anything else I’d like to add? Just that this is the BEST JOB EVER :d

Oh man I can’t wait to see your take on Fullmetal Alchemist! I love Why Not Zoidberg? it’s just the pretties lip color. You know I still haven’t tried Book of the Dead yet from Fyrinnae. Must remedy that. Your blushes are awesome sauce, your intertubes and smooth, creamy tubes of love and your shadows are beautiful and complex and hell you’re an awesome person. ^.~ I enjoyed the interview! Thanks for letting me rack your brain for a few minutes. :)

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