Swatches: Moi Minerals Men of the Big Screen Collection – Depp, Statham, Cage & Olyphant Eyeshadows

Ermahgerd! Holly from Moi Minerals Cosmetics sent me a little goodie package. She included in that her soon to be released collection Men of the Big Screen. So I have for you Depp, Statham, Cage and Olyphant. Depp and Statham are glitter bombs and are gorgeous, you definitely want to use something like Glitter Glue, Pixie Epoxy or Awesome Sauce. Depp is an orchid purple with gold and green sparks. Statham is a pumpkin orange/blood orange with gold and what looks like orange/red sparks? I’ve been staring at it up to my nose and everything just shimmers and I can’t tell. lol I’m going blind! Cage is a dusty/minky taupe with multicolored sparks. It’s really pretty. And last but not least Olyphant is a dusty, slightly muted blue/teal with multicolored sparks. I LOVE Olyphant so hard. It’s just gorgeous. I also really like Cage, but Olyphant, it stole my heart. I don’t have the official descriptions yet, but Holly is going to be getting them to me and once I get them, then I’ll get them up on here.

Official descriptions coming soon!

These were swatched over bare skin, Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb and outdoors in direct sunlight. For glitter bombs you can find Glitter Glue here, Awesome Sauce here and Pixie Epoxy here.

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