Indie Interview: Black Rose Minerals

Say hello to Rosa from Black Rose Minerals!

Luna: How long have you been making cosmetics, why did you start and do you have any future plans for new shades/products?
Rosa: Creating BRM for me was and is very personal and therapeutic for me. I started in early 2010. I had recently started watching youtube videos and that also meant buying lots of new stuff. One day I came across TKBtrading and purchased one of their kits. At that point I was just experimenting. I never thought that this little kit was the beginning of BRM. I ended up purchasing some eye shadows from different companies and discovered that I had purchased some re-packaged stuff. This lead to research and more research. During this time I had started making my own creations. That dream of having my own make up line seemed like something I could do. So now to the depressing stuff. My mom passed away at the end of 2009. And shortly after that I was laid off. I was pretty much a mess. The only thing that was helping was making eye shadows. The things that usually helped me, music and reading, weren’t doing it. It took me a long time to enjoy music they way I used to. I am getting way off topic. After lots of research and trial and error Black Rose Minerals opened for business in November on 2010.
I always have tons of new shades waiting in the wings to be released. I have created over 400 shadows so far, though not all make it. I have a basket full of rejects. I hope to get more blush colors done soon. In the future I would like to expand to include some lippies.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/blush that you make?
Rosa: This is such a hard question to answer. Every color I make has its own special place for me. I’m going to pick a few because I can’t just pick one. Noxious, Nightingale, Luciferi collection, Soul Reaper and the Luna collection are among my all time favorites. Oh and blushes, Junkie is my favorite so far.

Luna: What is your favorite eyeshadow/blush from another indie company?
Rosa: Hmm this is a tough one as well. Callipygian from Fyrinnae for eyeshadow and Thing blush from Detrivore.

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Rosa: I would have to say a bat. I’m a night person.

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Rosa: I would like to thank you for providing me with this opportunity! Also for helping me out with labels and banners and swatching! I really appreciate it! =)

Look out for new shades to be released just about every month. Also please don’t be afraid to contact me with any question, concerns, color requests, anything! A huge THANK YOU to those that have given me chance! Every sale is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this little interview!

Man. Black Rose Minerals is great, Rosa is great and she makes such beautiful shades. I think BRM is one of those companies that flies under the radar, kind of like Detrivore Cosmetics. I have to start posting more swatches. ;) I’m happy to help you too, Rosa. :d I enjoy it. I hope BRM rises above the radar. You really have beautiful shadows and now blushes that go on like a dream. :) I seriously encourage you to try BRM if you haven’t yet. Rose has sample options and she often runs sales. :) Thanks so much for answering my questions Rosa!

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  • Rosa and BRM are fabulous. BRM were the second indie cosmetics company I ever tried, and I will continue shopping there for however long Rosa stays in business, which I hope will be a very long time :d

    Everyone needs to give BRM a chance, because seriously, there is so much variety that there truly is a shade for everyone. I’m currently waiting on some BRM goodies in the mail :d