Hallow’s Eve 2012 – Detrivore Cosmetics

Woot! Distorria from Detrivore Cosmetics put up her Halloween Collection! You can purchase the entire collection for $27 or you can buy them as singles for $5 each. :)

What you get:
Samhain: a black satin with gold shimmer
Toxicity: A dark brown satin with blue and red shimmer
Crocodilia: a dark satin teal with heavy shimmer
Cavern: a matte pink
Acid Test: an off gold satin
Filth: A satin taupe with a heavy purple shimmer
Absent: a reddish orange satin with gold shimmer
Cadaverine: a light reddish beige matte. Part of the Graveyard Collection.
Memento Mori: a dark plum matte. Part of the Graveyard Collection.

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