Hallow’s Eve 2012 – One Hand Washes The Other

Ermahgerd. You’re going to die. Becca from One Hand Washes The Other brought back fragrances from 2010 and 2011, as well as new scents for 2012. Get ready for a giant fragrance list! I love Autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. The air is cool and crisp with the scent of leaves turning. I can’t wait to make apple cider and go to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Eater and Burning Times are two of the several OHWTO scents that make Autumn better for me. BUY THEM. Ahem. The following scents are available in a multitude of ways. There are solid scents for $5.50, oils for $10 and several other things. Some products are only available in certain scents.

Returning from 2010 and 2011 we have the following:
Coven: a deep, spicy blend of jack-o-lanterns, dragon’s blood, patchouli and amber, spiked with citrus and grounded out by a drop of dark and smoky vetivert.

Sugar Skulls: this is a blend inspired by Dia de los Muertos, or, the Day of the Dead, specifically the sweet treats available at this time of year. You’ll smell sweet baked goods, vanilla cookies, anise, and roses- all the scents of a stroll through a Mexican neighborhood at that time of the year.

Pumpkin Eater: No, it’s got nothing to do with that movie from the 60’s… it’s more to do with a story. As long as anyone can remember, the tale’s been told, every Halloween night one can go up to old Peter’s house, past the cemetery and up the hill, through the pumpkin field and the wood just past it, and catch a glimpse of his ghost if you bring him an offering of a pumpkin. Surrounded by pumpkin fragments, they say he can be seen sitting where his body had been found years before, still consuming the flesh of pumpkin after pumpkin, as though he’d never left. This fragrance smells of mangled pumpkin flesh, tilled earth, and a dash of spiced cider, haunted by an apparition of patchouli. This fragrance NEEDS skin to fully blossom into its full potential, please don’t judge this one on cold sniff in the tube/bottle!

Calaveras: Named for the sugar skulls which adorn the Day of the Dead altars, this fragrance is sweet and spicy. Cinnamon, sugar, orange, and sweet breads dressed up with a smattering of dried roses on a sandalwood altar.

Burning Times: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”; motivated by fear, or some would say, by greed, the execution of a witch nearly always included the burning of her body, though the method of dispatch may have varied. Vanilla, Clove, Patchouli, Pink Peppercorn, a hint of Suede, Red Musk, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Cedarwood, and the smoldering Embers of a thousand years.

Solanum: Infectious! The virus responsible for all instances of zombie outbreaks, solanum has a 100% fatality rate, and yet somehow the undead never seem to stink too terribly. The toxicity level of undead flesh slows down the process of decomposition, killing most bacterium foolish enough to try to decompose a zombie. All studies thus far have shown an absence of bacteria in the flesh of the undead. This has the interesting side effect of giving most zombies little offensive smell other than slight flesh decay, due to the absence of the bacteria responsible for body odor and the traditional smell of rotting flesh. Rotting pumpkin, Apple cores, Raspberry, Almond, Madagascar Vanilla, Cardamom, and a hint of Immortelle because zombies never die.

Mirror Witch: Legend says that in order to summon the spirit of Bloody Mary, also known as The Mirror Witch, you must say her name thirteen times in front of a mirror, in the dark; it is said that on the thirteenth repetition she will appear. Upon appearing, the Mirror Witch may do any number of things to her summoners, depending entirely upon her mood upon being awakened. If she’s not offended you may get away with a scratch, but offend her and the price may very well be your life. Reverent gifts of Pomegranates, Dried Figs, White Sage, Candied Ginger, and a vision of White Musk.

Bobbing for Apples: A game traditionally played at Halloween parties, bobbing for apples involves a water-filled tub and apples floating in it, waiting for you to pick them up with your teeth. Fun!Fresh Apples, Apple Skin, Bonfire Smoke, Hay Bales, and Tonka Beans.

Green Lady: Poor Elizabeth; after her husband Benjamin didn’t return from a trip to town when expected, Elisabeth went out into a terrible storm to find him, and then tragically drowned in a nearby swamp during the search. Some people have questioned the story and wonder if Benjamin may have murdered her and covered up his heinous deed with the drowning alibi. Regardless of exactly what caused her demise, she has been roaming the damned earth for centuries. Appearing to startled visitors as a green mist, which becomes the clearly defined shape of a woman in a green dress, she then gives an otherworldly smile before disappearing just as quickly. Green Bartlett Pears, a basket of Figs, and an apparition of spectral Musk.

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things: A creepy multimedia fragrance experience, see this video ; sweet baby sweet baby sweet baby. Acorns, Oak, Vanilla, Apples, Roasted Spiced Pumpkin, a bit of Musk and a mound of freshly-dug Dirt. Sort of disturbing!

Final Girl: The Final Girl is a horror/slasher film character type which specifically refers to the last female alive to confront the killer; the sole survivor who lives to tell the story. A crushed corsage of Magnolias and Carnations, the Musky Cologne of a Maniac, a whiff of Oil from a freshly-sharpened Chainsaw blade, and the paralyzing scent of Fear.

And, new for 2012, these fantastic fragrance offerings:

Jack. In Black.: Charred, sooty, dirty pumpkin flesh, Arabian musk, Pomegranate, Tea, and a handful of penny candy snatched from an unsuspecting trick-or-treater’s pillowcase.

Seance: Nutty bold-roast coffee, heavy oak furniture, carved sandalwood totems, dried herbs, neroli, vanilla’d figs, and a wreath of clary sage to ward off bad spirits.

Dullahan: A tribute to the original headless horseman! An abundance of harvest spices, black leather, black tea, clary sage, buttery caramel, and civet.

Ravensblood: The last blackberries of the year, dark musk, licorice spiked with clove, guiacwood, labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, and a bright twist of lemon.

Equinox: A veritable cornucopia of harvest time goodness! Fresh apple butter, spiced breads and iced pastries, just-pressed cider warmed with ginger and mulling spice, roasted figs, berries, pomegranates, bonfire smoke, amber, and patchouli.

County Fair: Ripe peaches, Macintosh apples, pumpkin pie, mandarins, black currants, raw honey, plums, Bartlett pears, just-baled hay, orange blossom, and white amber.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding: After blending this I decided it needed to be food, so I googled it to see if had already been done, and sure enough: voila! I haven’t tried this recipe myself yet, but I plan to soon, with minor alterations. This scent is, mmmmm- please do not consume it. Follow the recipe I linked instead if you feel the urge to eat your wrists. Bruleed pumpkin puree, buttermilk, cream, bourbon, bread, vanilla, honey, & pumpkin spice. Actual Madagascar vanilla beans are infused in this one, so you may find a speck or two in the finished product- and many more in the perfume oil, but that’s done intentionally, for aging purposes.

Gracie: Little Gracie Watson. Dead at 6 of pneumonia, her ghost is said to still haunt her childhood home, the Pulaski House, in downtown Savannah, GA. Gracie’s parents had a life-sized sculpture of her made, and you can visit her in Bonaventre Cemetery if you’re so inclined. Be sure to bring flowers- Gracie loves flowers. Roast chestnuts, pumpkin, brown sugar, amber, tobacco leaf, vetiver, cassia, and lavender.

Dudleyville: Located in Dark Entry Forest in Cornwall & Cornwall Bridge, CT, Dudleyville (also referred to as Dudleytown) has been called the most haunted place on Earth. I don’t have the room here to go into the entire story, but it’s a fascinating one involving curses, death, insanity, vortexes, demons… and more. This website’s got a pretty good rundown of the backstory and what to expect should you venture out that way (my advice- don’t do it): Dried leaves, wood smoke, patchouli, fennel, dirt, palo santo, petitgrain, spectral musk, amyris, catnip, ginger, and cardamom.

Headshop Halloween: It’s the scent of your favorite local headshop at Halloween time! Nag Champa incense, pumpkin, vanilla, frankincense tears, & sandalwood.

Sticky Fingers: A light, white scent comprised entirely of foody notes. Keep away from children and pets and anyone who doesn’t know better than to eat perfume. No, really. Creamy white chocolate, gooey marshmallow, a plump dollop of cream cheese frosting, tonka bean absolute, and warmed coconut milk.

Harvest Moon: A circle of dandelions in the grass, spiced blackberries, tart lychee, red tea, sandalwood, and hints of floral amber.

Down a Dark Path: It’s where many a good scary story starts. Fresh figs, Dried Leaves, Carnations, Oakmoss, Amber, Sage, Black Pepper, Pumpkin, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Beeswax, Rhubarb, Lavender, and the scent of an unidentifiable animal stalking you in the shadows between the trees.

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