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Ermahgerd. Life is kicking my butt right now. Was in and out of emergency what seemed like every other day this past week. MUCH FUN! Things are going back to not so crappy, well crappy. But Autumn is in the air. Or at least the wind was singing of it. COME BACK COOL BREEZES. Sascha met his teacher this evening. She’s rather nice, I think he’ll like her a lot. He also saw his classroom and got to see where he’s going to be sitting. :d He officially starts school on Monday. Woot!

I am turning into a mostly vegetar/Imighteatsushionceinawhileian. Trying to switch over to a gluten/corn/dairy free lifestyle. The corn is going to be the hardest part. d= It just doesn’t agree with me at all anymore. I’ve been nomming on Pacific Food’s Pablano Corn Chowder of awesome sauce. It’s my favorite non-homemade soup. Evar. I can’t deal with trying to substitute meat, so I’m just going to focus on new recipes that don’t need meat substitutes. I’ve decided to mostly focus on Indian and Thai recipes. I grew up on Indian food and loved it. It’s super easy to find meatless recipes. I love Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup. They can easily be made meat-free, and between rice noodles/rice/shirataki noodles I should be good. So I guess that’s it. Instead of going into a very lengthy recount of last week, I shall leave you with pictures of Biggest Catzilla cat and littlest cat. Hopefully I shall be returning to my regularly tuned posts of swatches and my face painted on.


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  • Those cats are living the life!

    I love indian food, a nice curry with some chickpeas beats all meat. Unfortunately my man isn’t very cooperative regarding healthy food unless it’s disguised as a burger.   -.-