Swatches: Black Rose Minerals Collection of The Perverse part 1

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I feel really horrible. I should have had these swatched over a month ago. I am a horrible person. Sorry Rosa! <3 So this is Black Rose Minerals Collection of The Perverse part one. There are six shadows in this collection. I have for you Haunted Palace, Red Death and Nevermore. Such pretty sparkly shadows. Seriously so pretty.I love Haunted Palace so much. I need to pair it with Blood Moon to see how it looks! >.>

Let’s see. Haunted Palace is this dusty blue/gray shade with purple sparks. Seriously my camera wouldn’t pick up all the sparks but oh my god you need it. Red Death is a sort of rusted red with lots of gold sparks. Nevermore is amazingly sparkly too. It’s an seriously blackened green. It has tons of blue and green sparks. She did a good job on this collection! I will hopefully do the other three soon. d= When my hands stop being assholes. Sorry about them being blurry. :( My hands were shaking too much. Stupid hands! WTF

Haunted Palace: A light blue grey.
Nevermore: A blackened green with blue and green shimmer.
Red Death: Red loaded with red and gold shimmer.

All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over bare skin, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer.


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  • Seriously these are still nice swatches! The slight blurriness only shows off the sparkle even better. Nevermore is gorgeous!

  • Your swatches still look awesome. Don’t worry! <3

  • Sharron

    OMG, I <3 this collection so much!   :d

  • Oh, Nevermore… how I lust for thee…