Indie Interview: Madd Style Cosmetics

Woot! Mo from Madd Style Cosmetics let me ask her a few questions. :)

Luna: How long have you been making indie cosmetics, and what made you start?
Mo: I started Madd Style Cosmetics in February of 2010, however I had been making cosmetics for the better part of a year prior to opening. I’ve always considered myself an artist. Creating is a passion of mine. I’ve worked with many mediums however, after being a part of the online beauty community for so long, and modeling for indie companies, the science behind making cosmetics become more and more intriguing. Before MSC, I owned “Madd Style Designs”. I sold hand-made cosmetic bags and vegan lip balms. Extending my cosmetics line, at that time, just seemed like the most logical – and natural- thing to do.

Luna: Do you have any future plans for different products? Any future collections in the works?
Mo: Currently I am working on 2 Collections (possibly 3! shhh!) for Halloween. After that the Holidays will be in full swing, so there will be plenty of new product coming out within the next few months. Recently I started releasing blushes from MSC’s new “Cheek Chic” line, I plan on coming out with one or two more cheek colors by the end of the year, as well as a “re-release” of my Optimus Primer with new packaging.

Luna: What is your favorite item that you make?
Mo: Of course I am bias, but I love the eye shadows. lol. The major thing that sets Madd Style apart from other indie (and mainstream) companies is the complexity and uniqueness of the shadows. While MSC does offer a wide range of simple, more practical colors, I am a huge fan of the ones that “do tricks”. The ones that change color, are pressure sensitive, have color-shifting sparkle, and duo-chromatic finishes are my most favorite to create… and wear!

Luna: What is your favorite beauty item from another indie company?
Mo: I LOVE MTCoffinz’s pressed eye shadows and color balms. I only have one color balm but I can already foresee an addiction happening. lol

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Mo: Bat! For no good reason other than they look more badass, are unique in their existence, and sonar is cool. lol

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Mo: Just a big thank you to you, Luna, and your readers, for taking the time to show MSC some love. Over the past 2.5 (almost 3) years Madd Style has grown to be very successful and I count my blessings everyday. I’m so proud, and honored, to be where I am today and will never forget that it’s because of all of “you”. <3

MSC is an awesome company run by an awesome lady. Her shadows are beautiful. She’s got some really interesting and unique duochromes. Like Seedless for example. It’s a pretty pink with a green shift. So is Final Fantasy. It’s a gray/green base with a pretty gold duochrome. MSC is definitely a company you should peruse and buy. Samples come in little clam shells and aren’t always up. So if you want samples check her shop periodically. It’s really worth it. :)

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