What a relief

While I generally don’t discuss politics with people, I have to say I am extremely relieved and grateful that Obama won. On that note, I am still behind on blog posts. :( So many things left to swatch. Looks like I’ll be on a low buy for a long time. Though that’s good, right? Between saving for cheek piercings/tattoo, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving and birthday gifts we’ll be tapped out for awhile. Though happy news! Husband was approved for a sales position, this past week he was finally promoted. I think by the beginning of the year we’ll be totally caught up and alright.

Hopefully I’ll be referred to a neurologist and infectious disease specialist through project access soon. Another one of those, I need to go but I’m afraid to go things. :( Still bummed that endocrinologist tests came back normal. Seriously starting to believe I really am crazy. :( Spent yesterday reorganizing my room… again and watching hoarders. Made miso soup last night with lots of mushrooms. Children have been sick, and now I have littlest child’s sick, while bigger child feels better. All they’ve wanted is miso soup. They’ve been eating it all week so I needed to make more. Thank goodness it’s easy to make. Now I just need to find some Japanese squash to put in it. Another day.

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  • Daintynymph

    When I’m sick and only eat miso soup, I’ll put rice in it to make it more substantial. It keeps me from going too low on calories, and makes it seem like I’m actually eating something but my stomach can still handle it.

  • You the best. <3