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It’s been a little while. It’s been a nice break. I’m getting to the point where I *almost* miss blogging. Just wanted to throw up a little update. I plan on coming back soon. Health stuff is all over the place and crappy. I have an MRI Monday morning. I anticipate they’ll find empty space inside my head. xd Been going to the doctor a lot. My blood tests are all over the place, but aren’t pointing to anything specifically. I had blood drawn yesterday again to check liver enzymes and something for my gallbladder. I must go catch up on making some labels. Oh and if you don’t know about it, there’s a new indie reddit group. :) ALSO! I almost forgot. I have a deposit in for my chest tattoo. Saving up for it in April. :d I am super excited.

I shall leave you with this… My best friend later tonight. It’s gonna be a hot date.


And this, cause it’s Caturday! Behold! Boob monster is eating Mochi. Happy Caturday! :CAT:

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