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Vanessa from Chinovi Cosmetics graciously answered my silly questions. :) Thank you.
Vanessa from ChinoviLuna: How long have you been making indie cosmetics, and what made you start?
Vanessa: I started playing around with formulating around March 2011 and I opened Chinovi April 1, 2012. I started Chinovi because I enjoy makeup so much and wanted to be able to share that passion/addiction with others. I’m not artsy when it comes to drawing, painting, writing, etc, so this how I am able to express myself creatively.

Luna: Do you have any future plans for different products? Any future collections in the works?
Vanessa: I wanted to launch Chinovi with just eyeshadows to ensure I would be able to manage everything. I have full intentions of offering so much more! I currently have matte shadows, brow powders and blushes being tested out. Look for them in the new year! As far as collections go… I Cloverhave tons of ideas! I just finished creating the Holiday 2012 collection, “Oh, Christmas Tree” and am going to focus next on fine tuning the mattes, brow powders and blushes. I do have a collection that has been in the works for a year… it’s called the “Beauty Queens” collection and it is bases on all the girls in my family!

Luna: What is your favorite item that you make?
Vanessa: My favorite items to make are definitely eyeshadows! So many possibilities, not enough time!!

Luna: What is your favorite beauty item from another indie company?
Vanessa: Black Magic from OHWTO is my go to facial soap. I love how my face feels and looks afterwards. Which reminds me, I need to order more! I also am loving Darling Girls Azalea blush… gorgeous!

MonsterLuna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Vanessa: I’d rather be a crow. They don’t creep my out the way bats do. Plus, I’m a HUGE “Game of Thrones” fan, and Jon Snow is often referred to as “crow”… and he’s HOT! ;)

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Vanessa: I just want to say, Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I love that you have created such a great blog that spotlights indie products and companies like me! You’re awesome, Luna!

Sooooo, it’s been awhile since I planned on doing the indie interviews. Sorry Vanessa! I’ve had yours as a draft for um months. Whoops. But hey I’m getting it done right now. I hope not much has changed or I’ll have to do a second interview! xd Your blushes are pretty. I still love Gidget. I think you have it up for sale now. I think you reformulated it though. I’ll have to order some to see how it compares. :d The sample I have is beautiful. I have to agree with you on Black Magic is amazing and addicting. I need to sneak some more samples from you. >.> Shhhh don’t tell my husband.


I’m a lazy bum. I need to upload my unicorn look. Tomorrow. I shall upload them tomorrow. >.> This weeks makeup challenge is glitter! The makeup challenge is basically just an inspiration. You can be quite literal for this challenge and paint flowers, or bees all over your face, or you can pull inspiration from it for an every day look. This makeup challenge is not limited to facial makeup. If you prefer to do something with your nails, have at it! I’m not picky. :)

Now this makeup challenge will be open until Sunday, May 5th. You can upload an image in the comments, or you can link to me your blog post, tumblr or wherever else you may have uploaded your inspiration. If you’d rather email me your submission you can do so at I am excited to see how you lovlies will have been inspired! So have fun. <3



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