Weekly Makeup Challenge: Sailor Moon

So I uh meant to post this last night, but completely forgot. Whoops. ^.~ White I completely failed my faerie look this past week, I did find my perfect red. I forgot I’d purchased a mini Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick in Beranice a few months ago. I ran across it when attempting my faerie look. It’s perfect. I love it. I am no longer lemming for MAC’s Queen’s Sin.

This weeks makeup challenge is Sailor Moon! I’m excited! Hopefully this week I can get it together and make a look. xd The makeup challenge is basically just an inspiration. You can be quite literal for this challenge and paint flowers, or bees all over your face, or you can pull inspiration from it for an every day look. This makeup challenge is not limited to facial makeup. If you prefer to do something with your nails, have at it! I’m not picky. :)

Now this makeup challenge will be open until Sunday, April 21st. You can upload an image in the comments, or you can link to me your blog post, tumblr or wherever else you may have uploaded your inspiration. If you’d rather email me your submission you can do so at I am excited to see how you lovlies will have been inspired! So have fun. <3

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