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Hello lovelies! I’m really bad at this whole makeup challenge thing, and apparently posts in general. Whoops. Since I am super awesome sucky, I’m going to keep the amazing purple theme up for two weeks. Cause I can.

This challenge will end on May 26th, and then a new one will begin! Polls for the new challenge are posted in my makeup group Makeup Monstrosity. So if you’d like to vote, feel free to join. You can upload an image in the comments, leave a link to your blog post, etc. If you’d like, you can email me your submission at I am excited to see how you lovelies will have been inspired! So have fun. <3

Crystal is a good sport. :d


press sample

Quick swatch! I haven’t been feeling exceptionally well and the weather has been a butt. So these are over glitter glue in direct sun, for the little bit I had it. xd I’ll be posting a more extensive review later on. Look forward to some more swatches in the next week! So here you go my lovelies.

Official Descriptions
Tower of Strength: A dark red with gold sparkles.
Somebody to Love: Vibrant yellow gold loaded with gold sparkles and a touch of silver sparkles.
Dreaming: A pinky peach with a peachy sheen.




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