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Since Google is killing their reader on July first a lot of people are weighing in on other readers. I present to you Bloglovin’. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. It displays posts kind of like a blog using the read more feature. You can scroll down and preview posts. You just click on a post you want to read and it pops up in another tab. If you ignore other posts you can just click on the “Mark as all read” at the top of the page. It also features the nice “Scroll to top” button, so if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to scroll up just bop the button and voila you’re at the top!

If also has this little box up at the top, on the right side. This has an “all unread posts” link at the top where you can click on it and have all unread posts pop up. This is nice if you decide not to hit the all read button, this way any unread posts you skip magically pop up and you can go through them. It’s handy if you want to go back to a post later but it’s halfway down the page of a billion posts you intend to read and forget about. >.>

I seriously didn’t mean for this post to be so long. Sorry! :HK:  OKay. Under the all unread posts link is another link. “Liked posts“. I forgot to mention you can posts to your favorite list. *whistles* Anyways, this link allows you to pull up all of your favorite list to the top. This is also handy. If you favorite a post and really like it and want to go back to it later, you can hit the liked posts link and voila. I think I just repeated myself.

Below those two links is your group links, which I also forgot to mention. Eep. You can add categories for sorting blogs. Also up at the top is a handy little bar that shows you home, popular posts, top blogs and feedback. It also has a litter search box called what else but “search blogs“. This is where you paste the blog link to add to Bloglovin’, after you add a blog it asks what category you want to add it to. Also you can manage your blogs and sort them into lists later if you want.

Oh Goddess this is so long. Novel. It’s a novel. Okay anyways under the all unread posts and liked posts links, by the way liked posts has a cute little heart next to it, D’aawww. You can see your categories. You can click on a category link to show just the posts in that particular category. Under those is a teeny tiny “show read blogs” link.You can click on it and it pops up a tall list of the blogs you marked as read but didn’t actually read. Also up top by the Mark all as read button is a button with a little gear and arrow button where you can sort your blog list. You can sort by blog, sort by date, use small images and big images. I personally prefer big images.

Hokay. I’m almost done, I swear! :shifty:  Next to the search blogs feature at the top you’ll find a tiny little picture of you, or whatever swanky picture you want to use. As you hover over your swanky picture you’ll find a little menu of sorts pops up like magic. This allows you to invite friends, edit your blog, manage blogs you follow, this is the category sorting thinger, bloglovn’ buttons(I made my own), help, cause we all need help, settings and sign out. Holy bajeesush we’re almost done!

Now, what I originally meant to post was how to import your Google humans over to Bloglovin‘. It’s pretty simple to do. First you make a Bloglovin’ account here. Then you go fill out your fancy settings. At the bottom of the page(scroll aaaaaall the way down). You’re down right? Right? At the bottom just above the save settings button a button to import blogs. Now when you click on that, it takes you to another page where you can click on Google Reader or OPML/XML, whatever the hell that is. So when you select Google Reader you go to another new page. This page has a button that says Import from Google Reader. So you click that bish and go to yet another page. I swear it’s worth it. Then it asks if Bloglovin’ if it can manage Google Reader’s data. So after you select access a new window pops up and immediately starts importing your data which it is now doing to my Google Reader that I haven’t used in years. Damn you Google!

TEAL DEER: Bloglovin’ is awesome and easy to use. So yeah. Have fun. There is a screenshot below that shows you the basic set up. It says EVERYTHING I just typed up there. *sigh* Oh Goddess, mother, 2[94u82[9uj. It copied over 200+ blogs. Well that’s gonna be fun. xd I think I posted about everything. If you have questions I can probably answer them, unless they’re about your love life, space, sea creatures etc. Now I’m going to go manage all of my new blogs. d=


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