Quick Swatch – Persephone Minerals; April Showers, Pollen Dust & Marigold

A few quick swatches for Persephone Minerals! Let me just say I totally failed on these swatches. xd I meant to do three of the Pearlescent Petals collection, but instead I did two Pixie Powders and one Pearlescent Petals. Whoops. :ROLL: So as many of you know, Persephone Mineral’s is back in business. Woot! Vic has come out with a few new collections and has some old and new stock in the shop. Due to my body trying to murder me I’ve only been able to do some quick swatches over glitter glue. Also as you can uh see, my camera, my hands, the sun, the eyeshadow pot, I don’t know what but my camera was not feeling the Pixie Powders. d= So sorry for the blurry shots yo. I promise to come back later and add the rest, but until then, here you go!

Official Descriptions
Marigold: A very bright yellow-orange gold saturated with golden sparkle.
Pollen Dust: The most beautiful smattering of multiple shades of gold I think I have ever seen- like pollen that’s been enchanted by fairy dust.
April Showers: A lavish cascade of silver, white & pale blue- like rain drops that have been enchanted by fairy dust.


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