PSA: Shiro Cosmetics

Since I’m sure most, if not all of you are familiar with Shiro Cosmetics, you may already know about the new and soon to be gone goodies. I really hope I spelled announcement right, it looks funny. Apparently spellcheck says it’s spelled right. Yay!

New CotM: Damnit, Moon Moon!

BUT ALSO: This is the 12th Color of the Month! So here’s one last chance to get alllll the old colors: ALL OF THE COLORS! Dudes, get them before they go away forever. d= Go, Go, Go!


[quote]The custom lipglosses now come in mess-free squeeze tubes! ^.^ If you’ve ordered a custom lipgloss that came in a jar, please email me with an order number and the number of glosses you ordered, and I’ll issue you a partial credit to be used on a future lipgloss order, as a “sorry for the messiness my bad” token. :) [/quote]

OMG, YES, YES, YES! I cannot tell you how amazingly happy I am for squeeze tubes. Seriously, I want Caitlin to have my babies now. :HEART: COME HERE MAMA! Also, you want to get Moon Prism Power as a gloss, no joke, lookit how amazing it is down there! :LOVE: Don’t forget that Moon Prism Power is one of the COTM shades(September), so if you want that baby as a lip gloss you better get your butt in gear and get that bish.

Moon Prism Power!

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  • What an amazing colour!