Kinda, sorta, trying to kick my butt into stuff. It’s not laziness, I wish it were. I just can’t seem to get back into what I was doing before. I want to, I just simply can’t. Mind says DO IT, body says EFF THAT. Part of it is all of the work that comes with swatching. It’s a huge effort for me. I planned on getting back into swatching like I did before; bare skin, primer and glitter glue, but I haven’t. So I guess I’m not really asking a question so much as saying for now, for awhile, I’m just going to do swatches over glitter glue, over primer when I’m up to it. So uh, yeah.

Things are all jumbled right now. Like whoa. I’ve been saving up for my tattoo. Finally. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on tattoo day. I’m getting my lotus on my chest with “love as thou wilt” above it. Maybe that will kick my butt. Maybe not. We’ll see. The end of the month can’t get here soon enough. One last thing. I’m looking for a real rose gold eyeshadow. I know I’ve seen one somewhere, but I can’t place it. So if anyone knows of any indie shadows that might work please let me know. I guess with my brain all scrambled lately it’s decided it likes gold, which is strange before I love and prefer silver jewelry, not gold, but now? Gold it is I guess. Anyways I’m looking for this, this or this color. I’ve found a few shades that are close, but no buenos. Halp please! ^.~ икони

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