Hello there life

I’ve got a few things planned as far as blog posts go. A post about blackheads and the nifty foot peely things. I find people asking about the foot peely things, not sure where to get them, let a lone how to use them when they do. Hooray! FEETS! I’ve been doing “research” about blackheads and what not. So hopefully it’ll be a helpful post for someone. In addition to my body trying to destroy me as usual, I caught a sick. -.- I haven’t been able to keep anything down, even water, and the pain, oh the pain. t.t I’ve been having to take a double dose of my sleep medication just to get into bed and feel sleepy. Sick sucks yo.

But yes. I have things floating around in my brains. My Ottlite makeup mirror *finally* came. Now I just have to actually put stuff on my face. Also, blargh, I am still waaaaay behind on swatching all the things. :( It’s very overwhelming. I need to just jump in head first and hope I am capable of doing nice swatches. xd Also, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a link to my makeup group ^up there somewhere on the menu. With the help of other awesomely people, I have compiled a large, gigantic, ginormous document of indie companies with shop links and facebook links. So yeah. You should totally go check that out. >.> No pressure. Now I shall go make some tea and hope the burning sand that I feel in my eyeballs goes away. Dontcha hate it when you get super, duper tired and it feels like someone poured molten sand into your balls? Yeah that. It’s quite annoying.

TEAL DEER: Whine, whine, whine I suck and have posts running around my head. I promise I haven’t forgotten, the blog anyways, my brain is another story.


:DRUNK: If only…

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  • I hope you feel better soon!