Quick Swatches: Persephone Minerals Gardenia, Phlox, Bluebell & Flame Lily

ZOMG! SWATCHES! It’s a Christmas miracle. xd So I have a few more swatches from the Pearlescent Petals collection from Persephone Minerals. I have Gardenia, Phlox, Bluebell and Flame Lily. The photos do Gardenia no just it. It’s got rainbow sparks in it, it’s really pretty. I need to compare Bluebell to Sugarpill’s Royal Sugar. It looks pretty close. :) Aaanyways! These were swatched over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue in direct sunlight. :) As soon as I get the rest of the shades swatched(hopefully in the next few days) I’ll be posting an actual review of said pretties. :)

Official descriptions:
Gardenia: A shiny, opaque white with a slight gold sheen & golden sparkle. When foiled, Gardenia takes on quite a metallic shine & a more obvious golden shift.
Phlox: A pinkish lavender loaded with silver, blue, & violet sparkle as well as pink-blue-violet color shifting sparkles. When foiled, Phlox appears more of a light purple with a soft tinge of pink.
Bluebell: A rich, bright blue with a violet shift & loads of blue, silver & blue-violet shimmer. When foiled the blue becomes even brighter & the violet shift becomes very strong.
Flame Lily: A flame red with a strong gold duotone & loads of red, orange, green, pink & gold shimmer. When foiled the red becomes more prominent & the gold shift is even stronger.


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