Giveaway: Win All 4 Halloween Perfume Oils from Darling Clandestine

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  • I just ordered a bunch of samples and Maudlin + Bedlam and Spurn are def. my favorites!

  • Zillah Patterson

    Favourite? Oh, man. Rivet, Gram Negative, Pyroteknik,
    maybe, there are so many good ones, it’s hard to narrow it down.

  • OHAI I LEAVE COMMENT HERE YA YA. I love DC Aragon. It has nice smellz. I want to try Carny Wedding one of these days.

  • szappanbubi

    I’d love to try Serpentina and Maudlin & Bedlam!

  • I haven’t tried any yet… but Wither sounds intoxicating and I really must try it!

  • Nan

    I looove DC. No idea if I could pick a favorite, though! I really like MIshigami.

  • I love Mad as Birds, I got a sample some time ago and I really loved it.

  • I’ve never tried Darling Clandestine, but top of my want to try list are Hellbender and What Mandy Makes.Love smoky and vanilla scents :)

  • J.C.

    Mare Desiderii is one that I’d love to try but since she doesn’t have it in stock, I’ll settle for Falter.

  • Marina

    I would love to try Squander! I adore apple scents!

  • Remedy

    I haven’t tried DC before but really like the sound of Wither!

  • Oh yea I forgot…step right up is the one I am anticipating the most!-Nina k

  • Just put in an order for some solids but I want more!!! -Nina k

  • Alex

    I’ve never tried any DC scents but I’ve been making a list of ones I would like to try, and these Halloween scents are at the top of that list. :)

  • Amanda N.

    I love all four of these! It’s wonderful to have the chance to win them. :)

    My favorite DC Scent is Monstre Delicat. It it wonderfully sexy and mysterious. It’s the scent I wear when I go out on the town in the evening and want a little extra oomph!

  • Leah

    I haven’t had a chance to try any DC scents. I’d like to try Step Right Up!

  • I don’t have any!

  • Kari

    I have so many DC scents it’s hard to choose a favorite. Step Right Up is at the top of the list.

  • Shavaughn

    “Inked” is probably one of my top favorite blends from DC. I would love to try more of her products. She has amazing customer service.

  • I have always wanted to purchase just have never done it yet. Their perfumes intrigue me though!

  • Nicole

    fingers crossed

  • I was lucky enough to find a seller on a forum who was selling a bottle of Club 22 Darling Clandestine oil, which I bought on a whim and fell in love with just a couple of weeks ago-I have since added myself to the FB and Etsy pages and started perusin’ and dreaming but to win this with just be amazing, as it’s so hard to guess at a perfume (even when the packaging is soooo purrty and the write ups are soooo cute)! This seems to be a range of complex and layered scents with personality and I’d love to try more of them. x

  • Erika

    I’ve always been interested in Darling Clandestine but have never taken the plunge in purchasing my cart from them! :( I’m very interested in the scents of autumn so this is quite intriguing to me.

  • Hibari

    I’ve never tried Darling Clandestine, but I love fall scents!

  • I got small saga as a freebie sample and it’s fantastic :d

  • I don’t own any but Spurn sounds really lovely!

  • Leah

    I’ve never tried Darling Clandestine, their Halloween line looks scrumptious!

  • c

    i love lalala all right, serpentina, small saga… oh wait, that’s more than one..
    lolz i basically love most of the scents i’ve tried, they’re all amazing :)

  • Catelyn

    I’m excited to try Wither

  • Hannah

    I adore Darling Clandestine! I missed out on the Halloween scents last year, but hope to get to try them this year. My current favorite DC scent is Tapadero.

  • I need to try wearing perfume sometimes, and halloween perfume seems like it is right up my alley!

  • I’ve never tried Darling Clandestine before but was considering trying Squander before this contest!

  • MK

    Ordered from DC the first time a week ago, eagerly anticipating my order! I think Don Gato will be my favourite because cats. Who doesn’t want to smell like their furry friend?? Great giveaway!

  • Tina D.

    I bought 5 solid perfumes from DC a year ago – and they’re still going strong. I love her scents <3

    • Tina D.

      My favorite’s Serpentina! It’s the easiest to wear and recommend to others who’re just getting into indie scents.

  • crystal

    There is not a DC scent I do not love but Vardogr has to be my favorite! <3

  • Gretchen

    I’ve never tried any of them before, but I’d love to try Spurn or maybe Falter!

  • Casey

    I love Pyrotechnik!

  • I’m very curious about Wither.

  • Aubrey

    I have been lusting after Darling Clandestine‘s scents for a while, especially Small Saga. Why do perfumers release so many great Halloween scents and why don’t I have money to buy them all?

  • Shea

    I’ve never tried perfume oils before. Shocking, right?

  • Erin

    They all look so great!

  • I’d love to win Spurn!

  • weiling

    Myb ave is limerence

  • Never tried, but love perfume! :d

  • Ahhh! This is a great giveaway! Thank you :)

  • Joelle

    My favourite has to be Step Right Up! It’s smells so delicious and layers beautifully with a lot of other scents.

  • Christina Pirovits

    What strange sounding scent descriptions… I want to try them!

  • Barbie

    I only have Carny Wedding and I love it! I want to try inked next

  • Ohh there are so many DC scents I want to try – the one that calls to me most from this bunch is Wither! Awesome Giveaway :)

  • Christina

    I’ve never tried Darling Clandestine but some of their scents look really great! I would love to try Squander.