Review: Dr. Scholl’s® For Her Comfort Insoles from Influenster’s #MamaVoxBox

Hello lovelies! So my very first VoxBox from Influenster was the #MamaVoxBox. In it contained shoe insoles from the gods. Seriously. I’ve tried insoles before. I’d actually tried some from Dr. Scholl’s years ago and hated them. The For Her Comfort Insoles however, are amazing, and I love them. They’re made to absorb shock and impact on your heals and the ball of your foot. They work like magic. I wear them in my favorite flats and they are so comfy. It’s almost like a foot massage. These are awesome because the insoles don’t go down to the tip of your shoes it stops after the pad of your foot. I really like this because insoles that go to the tip of my toes annoy me. I constantly wiggle my toes against them because it feels funny. xd To use these you just peel off the clear thing on the back of the insoles and stick them in your shoes. Voila! Magic! <3

After wearing my flats, or shoes in general the bottoms of my feet start to ache, especially the ball of my foot. These? These are heaven to walk on. They feel cushy and cool and awesome. The ball of my foot no longer hurts after taking Fumiko to her school bus stop. It actually makes me want to wear my shoes all the time. If I could I’d glue these babies to my feet. xd I’ve taken pictures of the insoles themselves as well as them in my shoes so you can see what they look like. Be jealous of my now super comfy flats. Bwahahahaha

Pictures! Yay!

In short, I love these, I am going to buy a pair for the other pair of flats I own, possibly for my tennis shoes. I only own 4 pairs of shoes people. >.> Two pairs of flats, my tennis shoes and a pair of fake uggs. Blasphemy I know. Anyways. These are super comfy and they’re inexpensive. has them on sale for $9.99, normally $10.99 and Amazon has them for around $7.99. Seriously, buy them. You won’t regret it.

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