Life, How Does it Work? #08342098432-098

Yay a semi-personal post! A brief thing about life in the last year. Last year my husband and I separated, the kids and I ended up going to a homeless ranch out in Yamhill. Then I slept on the floor of some neighbors houses for a few days, then we ended up staying with some friends for like 3 months. Now the kids and I are sharing an apartment with my mom. Which is not the greatest thing but it’s better than other options. I am currently going through disability appointments and what not.

Sascha’s school is setting up a plan for him for when he starts 7th grade. So hopefully things will be easier for him. He is doing excellent in his new school getting all A’s and B’s and only one C. So much better than his last school. Fumiko is doing well. She likes her new school. She was being bullied by another girl but that is getting solved. I can’t believe she’ll be starting first grade later this year. Sheesh.

I just got back from the ER a little bit ago. t.t My knee just went limp while I was walking out of my room and fell. I mangled myself. I some how twisted the crap out of my foot. They took x-Rays and whatnot, fortunately it’s just a bad sprain. Though the dr said it will take around six weeks to fully heal. Ugh. I was already feeling awful. Thanks knee. -.- Now that things are settling down, I will have more time to actually blog and swatch and do stuff. xd

I have been working on an indie shop list and just started working on an indie blogger list. So feel free to email me or comment with shops you don’t see on the list or your blog if you blog about indie stuff. :) The shop list is barely started. I have so much to add and I’ve only been working on the cosmetics list. I still have to do perfume and bath and body and other lists. xd Oh my. I have lots to swatch so look forward to that becoming a regular thing again.

I hope everyone is doing well! :)

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