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Andrea from My Pretty Zombie sent me the Butcher Shop collection to swatch. :d If I can keep up this pace of swatching it shouldn’t be long before I’m all caught up. Here’s to hoping!

Official descriptions
Bleu is a midnight blackened blue with blue green shimmer.
Brisket is a copper with a red to gold shift.
Fatback is a pale pink with golden shimmer.
Garnish is a matte spring green.
Tenderloin is a red plum with blue shimmer.

Purchasing options
You will receive loose product in a 5g jar without a sifter, packed 1.5g by weight for $20.00 per set.
You will receive loose product in a 5g jar without a sifter, packed 1.5g by weight for $5.00 per jar.
You will receive loose product in a standard baggie, packed ¼ by volume for $3.00 for 3 sample baggies.

All photos taken indoors in direct light and outdoors in direct sun. Swatched over bare skin, Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me and Madd Style Cosmetics Optimus Prime.

Bleu is a blackened cobalt blue with aqua sparks.
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ultramarines, silicone dioxide, magnesium myristrate. VEGAN

Brisket is a copper with a red/gold sheen.
Ingredients: mica, copper powder, zinc oxide, silicone dioxide, carmine, magnesium myristrate. NOT VEGAN

Fatback is a soft bubble gum pink with a gold sheen.
Ingredients: mica, ultramarines, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, magnesium myristrate. VEGAN

Garnish is a matte pale grass green.
Ingredients: mica, chromium oxide green, titanium dioxide, ultramarines, magnesium myristrate. VEGAN

Tenderloin is a reddish plum with aqua sparks.
Ingredients: mica, carmine, copper powder, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, d&c black #2, polyester 3, magnesium myristrate. NOT VEGAN

This is such a pretty collection. I love, love, love Bleu, Tenderloin and Fatback, they’re like woah. So pretty. Ughhh. Garnish is a very pretty matte green and Brisket is an even lovelier coppery red. What do you think?

You can find My Pretty Zombie here. You can contact Andrea on her contact page here. Find My Pretty Zombie on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • I am in LOVE with Tenderloin and BLEU BLEU BLEU! I need that on my eyeballs now!

    • They are super awesome!

  • dslrbbt

    Mmmm Fatback!!! So pretty–even if the name is kinda odd!

    • It is very pretty!