Swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Hallowed Ground, Obliterate & Poison

purchased by me

Hello lovelies! I have pretties from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I bought a couple of these ages ago… as you can see by the label. xd I just never swatched them. Oops. I have a few more I’ll be putting up in another post as well.

Official descriptions
Hallowed Ground is a pale asparagus green with stunning red shimmer.
Obliterate is a muted cerise eye shadow with a subtle colour shifting shimmer which alternates between aqua, pink and soft green.
Poison is a vivid chartreuse green eye shadow with a scattering of golden shimmer.

Ordering Options
You will receive loose product in a 5g jar without a sifter, packed 1.2-1.5g by volume for $6.44 AUD per jar.
You will receive loose product in a 2×2″ baggie, packed ⅛ teaspoon by volume for $6.05 AUD per 5 baggies or $12.10 AUD per 10 baggies.
You will receive loose product in a 3g jar without a sifter, packed .7-.9g by volume for $3.63 AUD per jar.
You will receive loose product in a 3g jar with a sifter, packed .7-.9g by volume for $3.63 AUD per jar.

All photos taken outdoors in direct sun. Swatched over Detrivore Cosmetics Eye Primer, Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me and bare skin.

Hallowed Ground is a minty sage green with a gold shift.
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide (77861), Chromium Oxide Green, Methicone, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Stearate. VEGANnot lip safe

Obliterate is a dark pinky-red with color shifting sparks.
Ingredients: Mica, Carmine, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide (778161), Ferric Ferrocyanide, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. NOT VEGANnot lip safe

Poison is a bright chartreuse with gold sparks.
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow #5 Al Lake, Palmitic Acid, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Chromium Oxide Green, Glycidoxphenol Propane / Bis Aminomethyl Norbornene Copolymer, Magnesium Stearate. Contains preservatives. VEGANnot lip safe

These are all so pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever received a thing from Femme Fatale I didn’t like. Poison is just amazing. FFC does amazing duochromes. *fangirl*

You can find Femme Fatale Cosmetics here. Sophie can be contacted through her contact form here. Find Femme Fatale Cosmetics on Facebook and Twitter. There’s also a Facebook group for Femme Fatale that you can find here! It’s pretty active and the people are really nice. :) You get to see sneak peaks and all sorts of things.



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