Monthly Post Recap: August 2014

This last couple of weeks has kicked my butt. I’ve been sick off and on and dealing with some bad migraines, then Friday when I went in to see my doctor she gave me some cortisone shots in my lower back and hips. I also got a shot in my butt cheek to numb things. When that wore off I had the most god awful stomach pain. I also developed this hot red rash on both of my arms which is gone now and my stomach is finally eased up today. I’m really glad because the shots have eased the pain in my hips and pelvic region. I have to contact the ENT I saw a few months back for a biopsy to see if I have temporal arteritis. Anyways. Last months posts, Go!

I have some more indie shop pages up! Besides cosmetics I have bath & body and perfume up. I have a lot more shops to be added, but it’s a start! If you know of a shop that should be added feel free to leave me a comment! Alternately, if you find a broken link or a boo boo please let me know. :)


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