Life Post, Sick

ALL THE SICK! Ugh. Still not doing well from the cortisone shots. My heart is not happy and my bloodsugar has sky-rocketed. I also found out I have a UTI. So much fun. I had lots of posts planned but I have been out of commission. My chest was settled down a bit today, so that’s good. Fumiko has been home sick with an awful sore throat and fevers. I’m not sure if my fevers have been from the UTI or if I’m getting what Fumiko has.


So I have been watching Orange is the New Black. So far I like it a lot. It’s funny. Hopefully tomorrow I can do some swatches or at least get a review up.

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  • I hope you feel better soon! You’re a more dedicated blogger than me, last time I was sick I took the week off posting heh. Take care x

  • Artemis

    Hope you feel better soon! :)