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New Wishtrend codes for November! With a purchase of $55 or more get 10% off with code WISHNOV2014. For this months gift with purchase, Blackhead Silk Finger Balls use code WISHGIFTNOV2014. Also don’t forget if you sign up with my referral and make an order we both get $5. And now onto the new products! ^.^

[KLAIRS] Gentle Blacksugar Charcoal Soap
KLAIRS Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil $22.90 USD
This has 3 black oils in it that are great for your skin. Black Bean Oil helps control sebum production, provides skin elasticity and soothes the sin. Black Sesame Oil prevents dehydration and skin aging. It also provides antioxidants like beta-carotene, rinolenic acid, sesamin, sesaminol and tocopherol. Black Currant Seed Oil strengthens the the skins protective layer to prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. It provides antioxidants and promotes skin cell regeneration! It’s recommended for you if you have dry or sensitive skin and if you are looking for a cleanser to help with pores.

[KLAIRS] Gentle Blacksugar Charcoal Soap
KLAIRS Gentle Blacksugar Charcoal Soap $12.90 USD
This is a natural charcoal soap that is made by master craftsmen who have been making soap for over 25 years! It’s made with charcoal, Ghassoul from Morocco, pine oil and black sugar! Charcoal eliminates dead skin cells. Pine oil and Black Sugar soothe skin and offer hydration. Black sugar also contains glycolic acid which helps exfoliate skin. Ghassoul draws sebum out of the skin! This is recommended for people who have excessive sebum production and oil skin and are looking for a natural soap!

[COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch $3.90 USD
This is a hydrocolloid patch that prevents secondary infections while healing. You can use these to cover up pimples or any other unsightly skin problems! It helps speed up healing while preventing other infections. These are available in different sizes. These are recommended for those with acne or other skin problems.

[MISQS] Wonderful Cheek Blusher
MISQS Wonderful Cheek Blusher $15.99 USD
These lovely little things come in 4 shades! They contain Micro-particles that help create a long lasting look! These are made without parabens and are manufactured with a straight dough method, by kneading one color at a time. It comes in Juicy Apricot, Strawberry in Love, Pink Sherbert and Lavender Bong Bong! These are all pearl free, matte shades.

[SWAGGER] Face Optimizer : All-in-One Lotion
SWAGGER Face Optimizer : All-in-One Lotion $33.00 USD
This is a hydrating all in one skin lotion for men! It’s a rapid absorbing lotion which means no stickiness! It contains hyaluronic acid in it which helps moisturize skin and promotes skin elasticity. It has 7 natural extracts in it such as grapefruit, portulaca, papaya, witch hazel and allatoin. It’s a toner, essence and lotion all in one. It’s recommended for men with dry skin.

[SWAGGER] Face Terminator : All-in-One BB Cream
SWAGGER Face Terminator : All-in-One BB Cream $27.50 USD
This is a colorless BB cream for men. It’s colorless, but brightens skin, evens out skin tone, locks in moisture and conceals pores and dark circles! It also has an SPF of 50. It’s made with aloe, organic olive oil, organic green tea, organic avocado oil, centella asiatica extract and shea butter. It’s recommended for men of all skin types.

I will be reviewing the cleansing oil in the next month or so! I’m just waiting on it to arrive. :d

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