A very personal post

Some of you may know that because of circumstances that happened last year the kiddos and I are on TANF. I get $506 a month in money. $500 of that goes to our rent which leaves us in $6 cash. It goes onto my EBT card on the 1st of the month and our SNAP(food) portion goes on it on the 3rd. We share a two bedroom apartment with my mom. The kiddos and I have one room and my mom has the other. Well Saturday we went to get rent money and there was nothing on my card. We rushed home and checked online and nothing. This morning(Monday) I dropped Fumiko off at school at 8am and went to DHS. I found out that my TANF ended in December. I had no letters no phone calls, but in December I received my renewal application for SNAP. So the DHS worker spends about 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened. It turns out that they had my home address listed as our current address, but the mailing address was our old POBOX. I also found out that in May when my DHS worker in Oregon City told me she sent my case to the Milwaukie office where we moved to. She told me she updated my address and everything was fine. It turns out she never sent my case to Milwaukie. >.< And when she updated my address she didn't update the mailing address. So there was nothing they could do about it. But because it was closed I could re-apply at the Mikwaukie office where I was. So I quickly filled it out and handed it back in. Waited an hour for an appointment and they couldn't get me in today. So I have an appointment for 9am. My mom talked to the manager and he told her if we don't have rent in by tomorrow that we will get a 72 hour notice. I have no idea if they'll be able to reinstate it tomorrow. It may take a couple of days. They even said while I was there that it was their fault the application renewal was sent to another address. I asked why they sent my SNAP paperwork to the correct address but sent the TANF paperwork to another address and she couldn't give me an answer. I am beyond devastated. The kids and I were homeless at the beginning of the year and it's not something I ever want to do again. If you could send any prayers, thoughts, positive energy, voodoo magic that would be really awesome. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow they will come through because I don't know what will happen if we can't pay rent tomorrow. I really wish my disability would come through. This has been a huge struggle and I don't need anymore curve balls thrown at me right now. Sorry for the wall of text, I am just very upset and I needed to get this out and need some positive thoughts. It was really hard to keep it together today for Fumiko's birthday part and I am just mentally and physically exhausted. Thank you.

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  • Artemis

    I admire your honesty, and I don’t know what to say other than I wish there was something I could do for your family. My sincerest kind thoughts are with you all, and I hope things improve soon, this is so heartbreaking to hear, what an awful start to the year. Sending my most positive energy your way x

    • Thank you dear.

  • femputer

    do you have a donate link?

    • No I just have my paypal.

      • femputer

        is it the same as your contact email on this site?

  • Sending positive energy your way, Luna!
    I’m sorry to hear that 2015 is off to a rocky start for you and your kids. I really hope the paperwork and whatnot gets sorted out in time. It sucks that their mistake is putting you in such a difficult situation, but I’m going to believe that it will all work out for you in the end. Stay strong!

    • Thank you so much. I’m trying.