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Official description
Seaweed Powder – InstaNatural’s Seaweed Kelp Powder is an excellent way to improve skin tone and texture while enjoying a luxurious spa treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our 100% natural and freshly harvested seaweed contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and iodine that remove impurities from your skin while relieving aches and pains. Most commonly it can be used for a body wrap treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite and create a slimming effect. By absorbing excess water and detoxifying the skin, our Seaweed Powder will help to make your body appear more toned, tightened and firmer. When used as a facial mask or scrub, the seaweed will extract toxins and tackle acne and other blemishes, leaving you with a softer and clearer complexion.

Moroccan Rose Water – You cannot make your beauty regime simpler than this. Just add our Rose Water to your daily schedule to get numerous benefits.

InstaNatural’s Moroccan Rose Water is 100% pure and natural made from Rosa Damascena petals. There is no artificial fragrance or any added chemicals or preservatives. The rose water acts as a toner to naturally balance the skin’s pH, making it soft, smooth and radiant. Its unique properties soothe and calm skin irritations while cleansing and hydrating the skin naturally.

  • Suitable for all skin types: normal, oily, dry & sensitive
  • Removes dirt from skin to make it clean and clear
  • Keeps the skin hydrated to make it super soft and glowy
  • The calming properties soothes skin irritations
  • It can help make the hair soft and shiny
  • Can be used as a natural makeup remover
  • Gives a relaxing bath when mixed with water
  • Useful for Aromatherapy
  • NO Chemicals or Preservatives
  • NO Added Fragrance

Argan Oil Hair Treatment – InstaNatural’s Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir revitalizes weak, limp and lifeless hair. It quenches dryness to make your hair velvet smooth, tames frizziness and infuses instant long-lasting luminous shine. Our unique formula contains 100% buttery rich plant oils that penetrate the hair fiber and rehydrate the dry scales of hair cuticles to ensure vitality and strength. Panthenol strengthens the hair shafts by filling cracks and Shea butter thickens the hair to add volume.

  • Nourishes and hydrates dry, damaged and brittle hair
  • Increases softness, shine and manageability
  • Strengthens and protects against heat and other external aggressors
  • Great to use before blowing out or curling your hair
  • Can be used to style hair and tame frizziness

Where to buy
Seaweed Powder
From Amazon – You get a 24 ounce tub for $50.00 USD. It’s currently on sale for $21.95 USD.
From InstaNatural – You get a 24 ounce tub for $24.95 USD.

Moroccan Rose Water
From Amazon – You get a 4 fluid ounce bottle for $24.99 USD. It’s currently on sale for $13.97 USD.
From InstaNatural – You get a 4 fluid ounce bottle for $13.97 USD.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment
From Amazon – You get a 4 fluid ounce bottle for $69.95 USD. It’s currently on sale for $17.99 USD.
From InstaNatural – You get a 4 fluid ounce bottle for $17.99 USD.

Seaweed Powder – Tips:

If the seaweed powder solution is too dry or clumpy, add more water and/or olive oil and mix well as needed.

If the seaweed powder solution is too runny, add more seaweed powder and mix well as needed.

If the seaweed powder solution is too messy, try using a strong, re-sealable storage bag to mix the ingredients together. Simply throw in the required ingredients and kneed until you reach the right consistency.

Moroccan Rose Water

  • Cleansing: Soak a cotton ball in InstaNatural Pure Moroccan Rose Water and wipe your face and neck to remove dirt/grime.
  • Toning: Apply a few drops of rose water with a cotton ball on a clean and dry face. Use upward strokes while applying the rose water. This maintains the pH level of skin and tightens the pores.
  • Moisturizing: Apply rose water directly on your face and neck to hydrate it deeply. You can splash few drops of rose water on skin or use a cotton ball for this. You can also mix InstaNatural’s Rose Water with your face masks to get better results.
  • Hair Care: Mix a few drops of rose water with your shampoo to get shiny and soft hair. You can also mix some drops to the water used for final rinse while washing your hair.
  • Relaxing Bath: Mix a few drops of rose water to the water while bathing. The aroma of rose water has a calming and relaxing effect. It can help to reduce stress.

Other uses:

  • Aftershave: Splash a few drops of rose water to calm and soothe your skin after shaving
  • Sunburn: Apply a few drops of rose water gently on the affected area to soothe sunburns
  • Eyes: Pour a few drops of Rose water on a cotton ball, tightly close your eyes and wipe the area on and around the eyes. This cools the eyes and gives a relaxing effect.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Apply this product at any time for a ten-minute, two-hour or overnight hair repair treatment (apply as much as needed). Shampoo after treatment. Rub a drop of it between your palms and smooth or scrunch into hair as a styling aid and healing elixir.

The Seaweed Powder comes in a big white tub with a screw on lid. When you first open it there is a seal. It has a green and white label on it with product information, company information and some recipes for use. The Moroccan Rose Water comes in a 4 ounce glass amber bottle with a black screw on cap. It has a red and white label with product and company information. The Argan Oil Hair Treatment comes in a 4 ounce glass amber bottle with a black pump top. It has a green and white label with product and company information.

Scent and formula
The Seaweed Powder is green in color and a very fine powder. It smells fishy like seaweed. The Moroccan Rose Water is clear and watery and has a strong smell of roses. The scent lingers long after absorbing into the skin but is faint. The Argan Oil Hair Treatment is clear and feels oily. The scent is somewhat nutty and disappears once applied to the hair.

Seaweed Powder – Certified Organic, 100% Natural & Kosher Certified Seaweed Powder (Ascophyllum nodosum). Country of Origin: Canada

Moroccan Rose Water – 100% Pure Rose Water (Rosa Damascena).

Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter.

I have more goodies from InstaNatural to share with you! The Seaweed powder has a few different uses. The tub actually has some recipes on the label, for a cellulite scrub, a facial mask, facial scrub and a seaweed body wrap! I have tried using it as a facial mask and I’ve been using it as a facial scrub! I have also actually used it as a bath soak a couple of times when I was having a particularly rough time with my muscles. I’ve noticed that after I use it as a mask or scrub my skin feels super smooth and supple. It’s kind of like it plumps up. The couple of times I used it in the bath for muscle pain it did seem to help some combined with the hot water.

I’ve been using the Moroccan Rose Water daily. It’s been part of my skincare routine for the last few weeks and I really like it. I’ve known about the benefits of rose water for a long time. I’ve always just made my own toner out of rose water and aloe vera juice, but it doesn’t compare to this rose water. The scent is absolutely amazing. It has a strong rose scent which lingers after you use it for a little while. It’s not overpowering though. The rose water is really soothing and my skin feels softer after using it. It also gives my skin a pretty glow. I also use less serums and moisturizer when I use this in my skin routine!

The Argan Oil Hair Treatment has been great. I mix some with my shampoo when I wash my hair so it doesn’t get so stripped. I also use a pump on my hair after I towel dry it to keep it from being so frizzy and dry. I use this on my daughters hair daily as well. I’ve tried straight argan oil on her hair and this and I prefer to use this. I brush her hair with a natural bore brush which makes her hair fly all over the place. This smooths her hair out and gets rid of the flyaways without making it oily or gross. It’s very moisturizing, but not oily at all. It has been really nice for my hair and my daughters as well!

InstaNatural makes organic and natural skincare and hair products! They have a money back guarantee no matter where you buy your product and you can get a refund with no questions asked.

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