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Life has been so strange and hectic lately. I got approved for the Act team at NARA so I have been talking to a couple of really nice ladies. Fortunately one of them I saw a lot at NARA Youth and Family Services from taking Sascha and Fumiko to therapy so it was much easier meeting with her. Both of the kids have been recently diagnosed with ADHD on top of their Autism. They are now on a low dose of Methylin. I know that medications have many side effects and I have looked into them, but for right now, for my family, this is what is right. Will they be on them for forever? I don’t know. All I know is that they are both doing better since being on it and they aren’t acting like zombies or having side effects. It’s been two weeks now and they are doing better. I will hopefully be getting help with my credit and housing because of the Act team. Hopefully they have avenues I don’t have access to. Things are moving in the right direction. It’s been busy but good. My migraines are getting bad though and the medication my doctor put me on for it makes me horribly ill. t.t Fumiko got sick at her dads this last weekend and in turn Sascha and I got sick. I am still sick and bleh. Tomorrow the kiddoes go in to see Mary to see how they are doing on their meds and I will hopefully meet with someone from Act about my credit. I am so tired and my head is killing me right now. I am getting caught up on swatches. I have a lot to photograph and it’s taking time. I am still getting use to this camera but I have one company almost done and then I can start on the next. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can actually get some swatches up. I will be getting a review up in the next couple of days for my current glasses! They are from Firmoo and awesome! ^.^ Also I talked to a lady today from Act and she wants me to do a sleep study thing to see what is going on with my insomnia and she thinks I should go on Abilify. She’s got to look into it. I can’t take anything that works with Serotonin because of the Serotonin Syndrome I had a few years ago. >.< Now I shall go be nauseated and miserable. XD I hope everyone else is doing well and not sick.

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  • Hugs lady. I hope they get to the bottom of the migraines soon. &LT;3

    • Me too! They are killing me!