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Official description

Refresh Skin Therapy’s Peptide+ Intense Eye Recovery Serum is a dynamic and effective dark circle elimination treatment. Using an active ingredient mix of peptides derived from purified soy, rice, and yeast, the formula positively stimulates blood circulation away from the eyes to dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness.

• Reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
• Strengthens connective tissue around the eye
• Restores important moisture levels
• Soothes and softens the skin
• Is safe and gentle to use around the eyes

More details:? The specific peptides used in this formula help improve microcirculation by strengthening the layers of the skin, ?which regulate collagen formation and elasticity. Thanks to the rejuvenated skin cells, increased micro-circulation within the delicate blood vessels. improves the appearance of dark circles.

The Natural Plant Extract and Hyaluronic Acid base delivers a moisturizing boost to dry skin. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants and protective value. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisturizer that attracts and retains moisture from the environment.

Where to buy
From Refresh Skin Therapy – You get a 12 mL tube for $49.95 USD.

Apply one pump to ring finger and tap gently around eye area.

This eye serum comes in a plastic syringe looking container. It’s a clear plastic syringe that has a white rubber cap on the tip and then a clear snap on cap over that. The label is what with purple and black details. Has company and product information on it.

Scent and formula
It’s a clear, watery gel-like formula. It has no scent. It’s not sticky and leaves no residue once absorbed.

Chrondus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract, Purified Water (Aqua), Hyaluronic Acid, Triple Peptide Blend (Oxidoreductases, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Hydrolized Rice Bran Protein) Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine.

I have been using this eye serum from [re]fresh Skin Therapy for about a month now. It’s a good serum, but I loathe the packaging. So let me get this out of the way! The packaging is awful, it’s a cool concept, but it doesn’t work well and it annoys me. It’s made to look like a syringe, cute, right? Well it doesn’t work so well. First, it has two caps. It has a clear plastic cap that snaps on and then it has a white rubber tip that pops on. If you don’t leave the white rubber tip on it can leak inside the clear plastic cap a little and if you don’t leave the clear plastic cap on the white rubber tip falls off easily. Now to dispense product you have to twist the plunger end to unlock it and then press it like you’re pressing the plunger on a syringe and product pops out. I do mean *pops* out. If you’re not careful it kind of shoots all over and a lot comes out. More than you need for both of your eyes. I think this product would do much better in a regular pump bottle. It’s a good product and it doesn’t need the gizmo hype of the syringe.

Now onto the product itself! The eye serum is really nice. It’s not sticky or oily and it absorbs completely leaving no residue, it just makes your eye area feel smooth and it’s a little cooling and refreshing. It’s supposed to help with skin texture, under eye circles, puffiness, inflammation, uv damage, improved capillary production and is supposed to increase collagen production. It contains no fragrance, artificial colors, parabans, sulfates, alcohol, or preservatives so it is supposed to be non-irritating. My eyes are sensitive and I get bad allergies. This serum is definitely non-irritating. Even some of my favorite eye gels/serums burn for a few seconds when I apply them, this does not. At all. As I said it’s cooling and refreshing, it helps with puffiness and inflammation from my allergies and it just makes my eye area look less dark and the skin looks and feels softer. It really moisturizes without feeling sticky or oily. It absorbs completely. I don’t look so blah, like death. haha This eye serum is also vegan and cruelty free. I know the packaging is supposed to be air tight and keep the product from contamination and what not, but it just annoys me. Put it in another container and it would be perfect!

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