Review: 2 Pack Clear Glass 16oz Spray Bottles from Cornucopia Brands

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16oz Clear Glass Spray Bottles BPA Free Spray Bottles for Essential Oils with Chalk Labels by Cornucopia Brands

The 2 pack of 16oz clear glass BPA free bleach safe spray bottles by Cornucopia Brands allow you to safely and effectively blend, use, and store your favorite homemade aromatherapy and essential oil blends, homemade cleaning sprays, cooking and marinades, bleach, lemon water, vinegar, spray bottle for plants, spray bottle for cleaners, the list goes on for these 16oz clear glass spray bottles.
But….We dont stop there! Whats a reusable 16oz clear glass spray bottle, without a reusable label? You cant relabel it with a brand new label every time you refill your clear spray bottle. So we added a 4 pack of reusable chalkboard labels to make it easy to quickly and easily label, wipe clean, and label again, whatever the contents of you clear glass spray bottle may be!
Simply choose the label you like best from your choice of the included 4, stick it on your clear glass refillable spray bottle, and you have a complete reusable bottle, that can also be labeled over and over!
You will find a multitude of uses arise when you start to use these amber 16oz sprayer bottles, for example:
-Vinegar and water mixture for natural cleaning
-Lemon juice, water, and herbs for a natural grilling spray
-Water and essential peppermint oil for natural bug killing spray
-Water and tea tree or eucalyptus for a perfect sauna sprayer
-Much more!
The Cornucopia Brands clear glass spray bottles have a heavy duty two function sprayer with mist and stream, holds a full 16oz, and is constructed of heavy duty clear glass that is very rigid and easily withstands normal wear and tear.

Where to buy
From Amazon – You get two glass spray bottles with 4 labels for $13.89 USD.

The bottles are clear glass with a black spray top. The labels are black and have a couple of different shapes.

I love these bottles. Good spray bottles are hard for me to find. I keep finding ones that leak or spray poorly. These bottles replaced the ones I was already using. They are a great quality. The glass feels nice and sturdy and the sprayer sprays extremely well. I’ve accidentally dropped one of the bottles on the bathroom floor and it didn’t break or get messed up. I use one bottle for an all purpose cleaner and the other I use for bleach water. The labels are lovely and a good quality. My only issue is that the chalk/chalk markers rub off really easily. Not really a problem because I know what’s in the bottles, but you know. I will definitely be picking up more of these bottles. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a good spray bottle.

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