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I simply can’t get enough of pretty, shiny, duochrome eyeshadows, and I find the ones made by indie companies to be better than the ones made by “mainstream” brands, and generally cheaper too! The only problem is the cost of international shipping, which can make a beauty bargain become totally unfeasible. Lucky for me (and my tiny wee wallet), I discovered the amazing Femme Fatale Cosmetics, based in Australia. Since I’m just a stones throw away in New Zealand, shipping is much cheaper than products sent from Europe or the States (or anywhere else in the world!) – and they have recently reduced international postage rates.

They also (until very recently) offered very handy sample sizes. I’ve owned mine forever and used them many, many times, and they just won’t end (which is a good thing). However, don’t let the lack of sample baggies put you off – the mini and full sizes are so reasonably priced, they are definitely worth getting! International shipping is also quite inexpensive.

I appreciate how carefully they label each product, making it very clear which are vegan-friendly (many, although not all are vegan. None of their products are tested on animals though!), and which are lip-safe. Their eyeshadows look gorgeous over lipstick, so I find this very helpful to know!

I find my Femme Fatale shadows look best with a coat of black mascara on my top lashes, and black eyeliner underneath.


1 – Illuminator – Silver Sage (Vegan and lip-safe)

This is a versatile product which I’ve had lots of use from. You can use it as a highlighter – I like to mix some with my Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation (Miss Von Dita shade) and brush it over my face. I sometimes use it as a highlight on my lips and eyes too.

2 – Eyeshadow – Flowers From Flames (Non-vegan and lip-safe)

This is my personal favourite, quite a unique colour and I don’t own anything else quite like it. This is a gorgeous orange, with hints of green. Unusual, but absolutely amazing.

3 – Eyeshadow – Deepmoss (Vegan and non-lip-safe)

I’m a huge fan of green (incase you couldn’t tell!), and I really like Deepmoss. It’s a beautiful cross between blue and green (although definitely looks more green on me). Really wish this was a lip-safe colour!

4 – Eyeshadow – Exorcism (Non-vegan and non-lip-safe)

I love purples but this went quite bruise-like on me. I do find it easier to wear with some Silver Sage (or any white, iridescent shadow) on top.

5 – Eyeshadow – Emerald Dream (Vegan and non-lip-safe)

A very pretty, sparkly green – one of those eye-catching colours that people always compliment me on. A good colour for blending with other greens, golds or highlighters.


6 – Eyeshadow – Elitist (Vegan and non-lip-safe)

This is probably the one I wear the most, due to being so easy to wear and goes with anything… it’s as close as I’ll get to ‘neutral’! A shiny bronze/brown, with lots of subtle layers of colour involved.


7 – Eyeshadow – Haunt (Non-Vegan, for use on eyes only)

Same as with Exorcism this went quite bruise-like on me, so I tend to mix it with other shadows to make it more wearable. Nice colour, just doesn’t work well for me.

8 – Eyeshadow – Dispersion (Non-Vegan and lip-safe)

I love the uniqueness of this shade, I wanted a red eyeshadow for awhile and thought this would fill the void. The only thing about it is it has a tendency to look a bit like a bruise. I do love it but sometimes find it hard to wear. Great colour, but maybe it’s just not right for me. Red with hints of blue.

9 – Eyeshadow – Inner Madness (Non-Vegan and non-lip-safe)

I was looking for a replacement for Sugarpills ‘Hysteria’ and thought this could be a good match. It’s not close enough, but nice anyway.


10 – Eyeshadow – Temporal Shift (Vegan and Lip Safe)

I love the look of this colour, but for some reason it looks quite muddy on me. I can’t get away with dark shades like I used to, I think! It looked green online, but comes up more brown on my skin, and tends to stain me a bit. I actually prefer to use it on my lips rather than my eyes, since it is lip-safe.

Please forgive my swatches – this is my first time swatching! Sorry for the goosebumps (I was cold!), but I have a no-touch-up policy I intend to stick to, so I don’t want to edit my skin in these photos. The colours are as accurate as I could get (taken in natural light) but do not do justice to how they really are – please visit Femme Fatale’s website for a closer look at them.

A big thank you to the lovely Luna for letting me guest post on her wonderful blog!


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