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Thursday Guest Post!
Hi amigos! I’m Dimitri from Superdimitri and I’ve been invited to make a Guest post, so here I am.

I was thinking about a topic and since I was out of inspiration for a full makeup look and a product review wasn’t a good idea (since Luna is the best doing that), I decided to show you guys these looks inspired by the ombrè (gradient) trend.

Ombrè is everywhere in the fashion & beauty industry, so you can search for a lot of inspirational images -that’s what I did. I made these lips looks based on this trend, I hope you like it.


Although these looks might appear hard to achieve, they’re actually quite easy to do and I enjoyed a lot when working on them: they allow you  to create hundreds of possibilities, sky is the limit.

Actually I made all these in less than an hour!

Ombrè lips are a pain in the arse for a daily look since you have to carry every shade you used with you for re-applying, so keep that in mind whenever you decide to create a gradient  look.

What do you guys think about this trend?


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