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I purchased(I was provided with a gift code from Apothica to purchase product, so technically these were free) some lip products from Apothica by theBalm. I purchased Letter To The Editor, Gossip and It Girl. It girl is a gloss while Letter To The Editor and Gossip are both sheer lipsticks. Both lipsticks are fairly sheer, more like lip tints and it takes a bit to build them up to any color. I was disappointed in these. I thought they’d have much more pigmentation than they did. :( The gloss had much better pigmentation though. Unfortunately these items are no longer available at Apothica.

These were swatched over bare skin under a daylight bulb.

Full Disclosure Policy: All products mentioned in this entry were provided for consideration; I did not purchase these products. There are no affiliate links and there is no financial compensation included in this post.


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