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Pamper yourself with the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Pairing the nutrient-dense salt and minerals of the Dead Sea with nature’s gentlest and most effective moisturizers, this salt scrub will remove dead skin cells, promote healthy circulation and rejuvenate every inch of your skin. Ease muscle aches and pains and find relief from bothersome skin conditions, including eczema, acne, psoriasis and more.

Featuring Dead Sea salt, this scrub provides deep exfoliation for smoother, brighter and more radiant skin. It works to promote healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration to leave skin supple and refreshed. It reduces the signs of aging by preventing wrinkles, encouraging cell renewal and fading age spots. With an infusion of some of nature’s most effective moisturizers, the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub will leave skin soft, supple and hydrated. Featuring a refreshing Ocean Breeze scent, the salt scrub is the perfect way to enjoy a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your home.

Dead Sea salt has been used in beauty treatments for thousands of years. Containing essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromides and sodium, the Dead Sea salts effectively combat stress, fluid retention and the signs of aging. This nutrient-rich salt also provides relief from stiff joints and muscle pain. Dead Sea salts promote healthy blood circulation, allowing the skin cells to receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients. They are used to calm the nervous system, promote healthy lymphatic fluid balance for proper immune system function and replenish the trace minerals that are important for healthy, vibrant skin. When used as part of a salt scrub, Dead Sea salt provides deep exfoliation. It effectively whisks away dry, damaged or old skin cells to reveal brighter, more youthful skin.

Avocado oil contains an abundance of antioxidants, which are widely recognized for their ability to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from oxidation and combat the signs of aging. Avocado oil is also effective in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, reducing the likelihood of sun damage, age spots and some skin disorders. It restores skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity, and provides rich nourishment and moisture. Avocado oil is packed with proteins and fats, which allow the skin to remain firm and supple. A highly effective moisturizer, this nutrient-rich oil is perfectly suited for all skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil provides deep and lasting moisture, even in the dryest weather conditions. It not only hydrates the skin, but it traps moisture to the skin, giving you the proper balance of moisture throughout the day. In addition to providing hydration, Sweet Almond Oil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Containing the ideal balance calcium, potassium, magnesium, as well as Vitamins D and E, this oil absorbs into skin quickly. It provides protection from sun damage and is useful for treating wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. Sweet Almond Oil is ideal for people with sensitive skin, or skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, as it has anti-inflammatory qualities. Its soothing, calming effect makes it the perfect ingredient in salt scrubs, as it deeply nourishes newly revealed skin.

Once called the “Plant of Immortality” by the ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to enhance beauty and treat a variety of skin conditions. It works by releasing natural vitamins and enzymes onto the skin, penetrating deep to bring healing and moisture to every layer. Commonly used to treat sunburns and acne, Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It provides lightweight, long-lasting moisture to the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated all day long. It restores skin’s elasticity and diminishes the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles and age spots. Aloe Vera effectively improves skin’s firmness and elasticity while correcting its pH balance.

Recognized as the oil that most closely resembles the sebum our bodies produce naturally, Jojoba Oil is valued for its ability to improve the health and appearance of skin. It regulates the amount of oil your skin produces, which is essential to avoiding breakouts and bouts of dryness. It enhances the elasticity and suppleness of skin by preventing water loss. Jojoba Oil absorbs quickly into the skin, making it the ideal age-fighter.

These ingredients work together to give you a spa-like treatment that deeply exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes. The Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub is effective in treating a variety of skin concerns; from uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions like psoriasis and acne, to age-related concerns like age spots, sagging skin and wrinkles. With the nutrient-rich minerals of Dead Sea salt to gently remove old or damaged skin cells, to the lightweight hydration of some of the best natural moisturizers available, the Dead Sea Salt Scrub can help you achieve your best skin ever.

Where to buy
From Amazon – You get an 11 ounce jar for $12.95 USD.
From Adovia – You get an 11 ounce jar for $14.95 USD.

Keep this product away from the eyes, and avoid using on broken skin or open wounds. While in the bath or shower, gently massage 1-2 tablespoons of the Dead Sea Salt Scrub into your skin. Use a circular motion to work the salt scrub into your extremities, beginning near your heart and moving outward. After massaging the scrub into your skin, allow it to stay on your skin for 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse completely with cool water and pat with a towel to dry. Use the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub 1-2 times a week.

This comes in a clear plastic jar with a silver frosted plastic screw on lid. There is a clear plastic seal inside. The label has product and company information on it.

Scent and formula
This has a standard “Ocean Breeze” scent. It’s an oil based salt scrub, so it’s gritty and oily.

Dead Sea Sea Salt, Paraffinum Liquidum, Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) Kernel Oil, Avocado (Persea Gratissima) Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isopropyl Myristate, Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol & Aloe Vera Gel & Jojoba (Buxus Chinensis) Extract & Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) Extract & Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) Extract & Papaya (Carica Papaya) Extract, Grape (Vitis Vinifera) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Algae Extract, BHT, Sesame (Sesamum Indicum) Oil.

This scrub was a flop for me. The scent gave me a headache and it didn’t smell that great to me. It’s leaked non-stop since I got it. I removed the seal to take photos and later that day noticed it was sitting in a puddle of oil. I double checked to make sure the lid was screwed on properly and even wiped around the rim to make sure there wasn’t any salt. It took me about a week to get around to using it. By the time I went to use it the front label had peeled off almost all the way. It was barely hanging on. I also noticed the back label was lifting up on both ends. It hasn’t gotten wet and was sitting in a puddle of oil. I opened it and it was considerably less blue and there wasn’t as much oil in it. I did use it a few times, but the smell was too much for me. The scrub itself is nice. It exfoliates well and left my skin soft and moisturized to the point that I didn’t need to use any body butter on my skin. I had to use some paper towels when I photographed the leakage because it was *still* leaking. I checked Amazon and noticed that other people were having the same leakage issue. Bummer. This scrub definitely isn’t for me. Between the scent and the leakage. Ugh. No thank you. If it had a better scent and better packaging I would actually really like it.

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